SSD HDD setup problem, how to use hdd as storage?


Nov 9, 2011

My plans are to use the ssd drive as the boot drive for os win 7 64bit and other programs like photoshop & games for fast loading, and use the HDD as the storage for all my pics/vids/music however upon building and installing my new computer the only drive that is detected and showing in the "my computer" window is my ssd drive and not my hdd drive, how do i go about setting it up like stated above, all input is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.
Cool, I'm being referenced!

After you do what Rolli59 linked, you still have to set up your OS to store documents on the HDD. Create a directory with a name like Daves_Documents, create subfolders My Documents, My Pictures, and so forth.

Then right-click on the system's My Documents and change the storage location to the one you just created on the HDD. Ditto My Everything Else.

If you have apps that store things other than in the My Documents tree, you will have to configure them individually to store to directories on the HDD. Used to have to do this with iTunes. There are a lot of better guides to using the SSD for OS f and the HDD for storage, but I don't have a handy link. Poke around.