[SOLVED] Strange 2GB Mint Partition Appears After Installation


Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone. So I used a 32GB flash drive with YUMI to put Mint and Clonezilla on it recently.

When you use YUMI with a flash drive, it creates a partition labeled "MULTIBOOT,."
This is normal and takes up the whole space of the drive.
View: https://imgur.com/a/4FF85gV

After using YUMI to put Mint on my flash, I went to boot off from it to go install mint on to a PC.
And after installation, I went to go check out my flash drive in the "Disks" utility.

For some weird reason, there suddenly appeared a 2GB partition on my flash drive labeled "Linux Mint."
This partition only appeared after installing Mint. I can't unmount it at all.
View: https://imgur.com/a/8Zp6GBw

So is this normal at all?
A couple people from IRC guessed that this partition thing was specific to YUMI.