Switched ISP now unable to connect to my server


Aug 28, 2012
Thanks for your time.

Today I switched to a new ISP and now I'm unable to connect to or even see my windows 2003 server. I connect using Domain.

They came and installed a router and disconnected my old one. I then connected my new ISP router to my switch and now Im just stuck. At one point I was able to connect to my drives but was unable to connect to the internet. But once I call the ISP they had me change setting for Ipv4 changed defualt gateway, Ip address and DNS after that I was unable to reconnect to my drives. I've done full shut downs and restarts and nothing has worked. 1 of the computers connects to the server through wifi. I also run a VPN.

My question is what the heck am I missing? I havn't had this issue before and its very frustrating. I need this fixed before 9am tomorrow.

Thanks again for the time.
Most routers are designed to work out-of-the-box using their defaults. And if you connect directly to the router's switch, and your client devices are configured for DHCP, they will just work. But once you start adding more infrastructure, such as that switch, things can start to go wrong.

But we’re not going to make much progress unless we get more detailed information regarding make and model of devices, cable vs. DSL, perhaps some ipconfig dumps, etc. Everything you mention so far is vague (ISP, router, switch, computer, VPN, etc.).


Jun 3, 2012
Are you able to access the router as admin and configure the device?

If yes, you could check the router setup and see if there is anything weired.

If you specify the router model, it would help.

You are NOT trying to create a VPN with your office? This would require your router to be setup for it, i.e. open certain ports.

Another way to go about is this: If you have your old router, boot it up and connect a PC. Enter as admin, check its configuration, write down everything, incl. firewall settings and port forwarding or triggering. You can then compare the settings with your current router. Of course the ISP (WAN) settings will be different, but the rest should match.