System Lock on Window's 7

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Jan 18, 2019
I recently dug my old Latitude e6430 laptop from out of the garage and didn't remember my password for the OS at the login screen, so i did what anyone would do and i tried to go into the bios/recovery options to fix it.

Come to find out, this computer has a System Lock on it and i don't remember the password, meaning, if i'm correct, there is no real way to boot from another drive.(See below)

System Lock Screen

There is no CD tray on the laptop as well, so disk recovery from a CD will not be my fix.

I've also taken out the battery and cleared the Cmos twice, still doesn't seem to budge.

I would love to keep the data on this thing, but if it comes down too it, this laptop is roughly 6 years old and its just been sitting for a while, i'm also getting frustrated trying to figure it out. I just want to wipe it at this point and start from new if the steps that need to be taken for the data to be kept are to extensive.

If it helps i still have a windows 7 product key, not sure if i used it on this machine, but i want to keep windows 7 by all means possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Not open for further replies.