Question System Timer Failure

Oct 9, 2019
Hi All,

Since I am a bit lost right now, I'd like to ask for some help here.

My PC recently died overnight (after a completely normal shutdown) and refused to boot even into BIOS the day after.
After trying a lot of reboots and clearing the CMOS, I measured the voltage at every pin on the mainboard and cpu power connector, all normal.
After that, I bought a mainboard speaker to get some intel. The beep-code I get is 4 short beeps, which would translate to System Timer Failure, I guess?
I then tried different RAM configurations and swapped my moduls around, with no effect. I then bought the same old mainboard on ebay, because why would both of my RAM sticks just die at the same time? Reinstalled everything on the new mainboard, same error again. Getting frustrated, I bought the same RAM sticks on ebay, thinking that that might solve the issue - no, still 4 short beeps every time. I also tried everything without graphics card, hard drives or any externals.

Is there anything I can do before buying a new CPU, if neither mainboard nor ram are the issue for 4 short mainboard beeps?

Thank you for your valuable time, for I wasted a lot of mine already...