Question Task manager weird readings of RAM


Mar 12, 2017
My pc has 6gb of DDR3 ram, but suddently when i was watching twitch, it restarted on its own. I went to check what was wrong, and in the left corner of task manager only 2gb's of ram were displayed. I thought it was some software mistake so i turned off pc and switched ram sticks (i have 2 ram sticks 4gb and 2gb, and 2 ram slots on motherboard). After turning it on, now it says that i have 4gb on the left, and 6gb on the right as you can see here:

It used to work totally normal like that with 6gb of RAM for years, until today when it restarted and started causing an issue.

Thanks in advance for your effort to help <3


Jan 15, 2022
Oh that sucks, I have been through this before. And it is almost exclusively happening in older systems with age. This happened to me with an old H81 board for Hashwell processors. Had a i7 4770 and an H81 at the time. You could try what hotaru.hino said above, but if you'd like my personal experience its quite simple that your motherboard is starting to konk out. Specifically the ram slot in question. It's time to get a replacement if you still want to use dual channel.

Don't worry though, it isn't the end of the world. This is usually an isolated issue and won't affect the other components of the motherboard or its functions. But things like this can randomly just pop up one day.

I recommend you purchase an 8 GB ddr3 stick. At least that way you can still make the most out of one slot.

Best of Luck!