Question Temperature fluctuations and discrepancies

Aug 21, 2019
I'm having weird temperature and fan issues. I'll describe first then ask specific questions.
First off, here's my hardware set-up.

So, Corsair iCue shows different CPU temps than other programs. It shows idle fairly constant around 29 degrees while CAM, CPUID, and Core Temp show it constantly fluctuating between low 40's to mid 50's with occasional swings from high 30's up to mid 60's. Here's a photo showing the discrepancies:!AvSN1qfHeS-Gj5lVLkDFQsFa_QIm1w

This means my fans are constantly revving up and driving me crazy. I have the CPU fans plugged into the CPU fan plug on the mobo and the case fans in a chassis plug slot and I've set up separate fan curves in the UEFI… but the case fan seem to be ignoring it. The CPU fans certainly are - they're running off of iCue, but I can't tell where the case fans are getting their performance profile from. One more note - while gaming, my CPU temps don't really rise from what they're doing at idle.

So, here's what I'm asking:
- Why are the monitors showing different CPU temps than iCue?
- Does this affect my fan speed negatively, ie, should the CPU fans be spinning faster than they are, but iCue thinks they don't need to since it sees the CPU at a much lower temp?
- Any ideas why my temps are fluctuating so much? It's just idling and there's a 15-20 degree swing constantly. I’d imagine that a beefy (and expensive) cooler like this would keep things cooler.
- How can I force the fans to follow the performance curve I've set up in the BIOS? Perhaps it's getting a profile from somewhere else, but I couldn't tell you where. As far as I can tell iCue doesn't let you set performance for anything but the CPU fans. This fan noise fluctuation literally every 5 seconds is making me nuts.


Dec 9, 2017
You're comparing apples and oranges. The temperature that you are referencing in iCUE is the temperature for the coolant, not the CPU temperature. So it's related (as apples and oranges, both being fruits with internal seeds, are related) but it's a completely different beastie.
You can get to the CPU temperature in iCUE via the Dashboard.