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  1. K

    Question How to connect 4 pin gpu fan to 2 pin connector?

    Hello Guys, I recently cleaned my PC and also the 1050ti GPU which has 2 Fans completely by disassembling each part including fans, board, heat sink and changed thermal compound. But after assembling back my pc and running it, one of the GPU Fan is making noise and wobbling. I shouldn't have...
  2. Question Fan noise/speed on RX 6700 ?

    I've just updated upgraded my 1060 to a RX 6700 and its working out pretty well, obviously a big jump in performance. Its this card: I am noticing the louder fan noise though when the card is working hard. Plus the 6700 has 2...
  3. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] UPS a bit loud

    Hi, I have an ups called trust oxxtron(the old version with 6leds) I had it from my uncle that before gived an apc 420(actually good). The problem is that it have a fan that is always on if the ups is plugged. There are any way for adjust fan speed or make it less louder?(like with a kinda of...
  4. R

    Question Asus ROG STRIX G15 buzzing sound from GPU fan

    I experience this buzzing sound from my GPU on Asus ROG STRIX G15, but is it normal or do I want to make an RMA? I just bought it yesterday and the noise has been there from the beginning. I have tried running the GPU fan without the CPU fan and therefore know that it's the GPU. The entire time...
  5. R

    Question Is this buzzing noise from laptop GPU normal?

    I experience this buzzing sound from my GPU on Asus ROG STRIX G15, but is it normal or RMA? I just bought it yesterday and the noise has been there from the beginning. I have tried running the GPU fan without the CPU fan and therefore know that it's the GPU. See the video below. It is...
  6. MeesterYellow

    [SOLVED] PC Fan Noisy on Initial Boot of the Day

    Recently, whenever I boot up my PC in the morning, the fans are noisy. Restarting the PC fixes that for the rest of the day. How do I fix this? I don't wanna go through the process of restarting my PC every morning :( Specs: MSI Gaming Z 1070 core clock i7 6800k - no OC Corsair Vengeance LPX...
  7. ChaoticHawk

    Question PSU Whine Coil/Fan Bearing Noise

    So recently I've noticed that some noise been coming off my PSU (Thermaltake Smart Series 80Plus White) with 13 Months of usage.The noise sounds like a coil whine but could also be the Fan bearing although the noise goes off when the computer goes into high load (Ex: Playing a game) and only...
  8. DPU

    [SOLVED] Intel i5 11600 high temperature and noise with stock cooler

    Hi all, I recently set up a new pc with an Intel I5 11600 and RAM corsair 2x8 2666mhz. I have enabled the xmp profile through my bios setting at the profile1 which was 2666Mhz. Also, I know that turbo boost is enabled by default at 4.6Ghz. At idle the intel stock fan is at 2200 RPM with ~38C...
  9. Question Rattling PSU Fan in Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W - Tips or Reccommendations?

    The Issue: It's been almost two years now and i've had no problems whatsoever, but in recent months my Thermaltake Smart RGB 700W's fan had started making a mild rattling noise because it had gotten a tad loose, it did so just briefly and would stop by itself or just by being given a little...
  10. D

    Question stripes and glitches and freezing across my screen

    Hi , my specs are ASUS ROG IV Rampage Black Edition Nvidia GTX 780 64gb ram Dual screen 2ssd + 1 HDD 10tb Windows 8.1 64bit I notice some loud fan noise coming from inside. It would come occasionally , then die down but since last night it has maintained it loudly. One of the fans on...
  11. Y

    Question Fans making lots of noise, but only when mounted in case

    Hello everyone, Around a week ago I rebuilt my PC from a cheap case I got years ago into a nice looking build inside of an O11 Dynamic. I used 6 Corsair QL120 RGB fans, and they look great and worked great until 2 of them started making a really annoying sound today. The best way I can think of...
  12. oPepper

    [SOLVED] CPU AIO increased vibration/waving

    I recently started to see high temps on my cpu (6700k) around 90 degrees. I took it upon myself to replace the AIO fans. I currently have a Corsair h100i V2. I also took the time to re-apply thermal paste and blow all the dust out of the radiator while I was in there. After doing all of this I...
  13. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] Intel mini-pc i7-10510u

    Hello, I've got this coming for me in the mail: I've chosen the i7-10510u version, but the reviews say it is noisy. I read around and saw that there was a big difference between manufacturers and also some other pretty cool solutions to...
  14. Hootla1

    [SOLVED] My i7 6700 is crazy loud

    Whenever I play a demanding game (Modern Warfare for example) the noise that comes from my i7 is unreal. I can almost hear it over the game play with headphones on. This isn't a recent issue, it has pretty much always been like this. Although I think it's getting louder, to the point now where I...
  15. S

    Question New laptop. Constanly hearing fan noise

    Hey guys, I recently bought a HP Pavilion 15-cs0085cl. I constantly hear fan noise and I find it strange and a little annoying. I have a warranty so I can return it if I want. My question is that is it normal for some laptops to have constant fan noise? Is there a way I can permanently reduce...
  16. C

    Question Is there any substitute for NZXT HUB?

    I recently bought a h500 not "i" version case. And only realized after how good the CAM software is. Is there any other hub, and not as expensive, as the NZXT one from the h510i case? The main reason is that i wanna be able to set better my fans speed, since they're a bit noisy right now. I'd...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Desktop computer fans making rattling noises

    This issue occurred just a few days ago when I started to hear these clicking rattling noise coming from my computer case. What does that mean and why or what is causing my computer case to create these rattling noise and sometimes it will go silent when it wants to. Recorded a short clip of...
  18. Badankydank

    [SOLVED] Extreemly loud GPU

    Hello, My GPU (AMD Radeon RX 580, two fans) is extremely loud under load. I have been using MSI afterburner to get my GPU to a good temp under load (around 72 degrees C). To do this. when under load, my fans run at about 70-75 %(i have no idea if this is normal). However when under load, my GPU...
  19. cyansand

    Question Temperature fluctuations and discrepancies

    I'm having weird temperature and fan issues. I'll describe first then ask specific questions. First off, here's my hardware set-up. So, Corsair iCue shows different CPU temps than other programs. It shows idle fairly constant around 29 degrees while CAM...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Odd fan issue

    Got what I think is a unique situation here. Got a new case. Needed one with enough room for two 240x120mm radiators for my cpu and gpu coolers. Got a Rosewill Rise case. Cheap and easy. I made a decision up front that I didn't want the the fans drawing air through the radiators and blowing that...
  21. N

    Question While gaming monitors go black, fan noises will suddenly increase and occasionally pc will restart with black and white display and low res.

    Hello, lately I have been experiencing the following program which I THINK is related to my GPU but I'm not at all sure. Sorry for the long post but I want to provide a clear picture of what is happening. These are the events that took place. About a week ago as I was playing Warhammer 2 Total...
  22. G

    Question zotac gtx 1060 6gb amp edition fan vibration

    hi guys, I need some help on my gpu, there are times that the other fan is not spinning on the speed as the other fan and there is also a vibration. i check the fan and i dont see anything that is loose. sorry for my english, what do you think is the problem, its not at all times having a...
  23. H

    Question Gpu fan giving a funny noise?

    Ok, so I have a gigabyte gtx 950 and a few days ago I've started to notice, that after approx. half an hour of gameplay a fan gives some funny noise, not sure it's the gpu, so I've removed it, done some dusting, and now it gives some different noise, and this time it's definitely the gpu, but...
  24. V

    Question Please Help Me dissasemble my graphics card!

    I recently noticed a noise in the fan of my graphic card and when I checked on it, it does not spin as smoothly as it used to. I wanted to dismount it to see what it might be the issue but I could not open my graphic. It is a Radeon XFX 580 8Gb. Could the fan be dying? Is it just some dust on...
  25. C

    [SOLVED] fan making rattling noises for a few min's after startup, broken?

    recently, one of my gpu fans broke, so i strapped a 120mm cooler master sickleflow fan (4 years old, used as a case fan) to my gpu to cool it (it is mounted horizontally, if that matters). about a day after i did that, whenever i start my cpu that fan starts making a soft rattling noise. there...
  26. hikaen

    will this pc work

    hey i was thinking about buying a gaming desktop and this is my first time doing so.i have close to no idea about pc parts and was wondering if this build: would work.i am also going to add 3 extra case fans that are not included here
  27. V

    Games randomly dropped FPS hard (Help)

    Hello! I have been using my custom build PC for some time now and been able to play games on the highest settings and get steady good FPS. However, about 2 or 3 days ago, my computer has been struggling very hard to play games. For example, I used to be able to play Fortnite on highest settings...
  28. A

    Does this motherboard have an Optical Audio port?

    I have this motherboard: I use Astro A40 for my headset which requires am optical port for Adobe 7.1 surround. I bought this motherboard for my new build but didn't realize that the pictures don't show an...
  29. J

    Which Card is Best for me

    My rig- i5 2500k (sandy bridge) 16 GB ram 1333 Radeon 6950 (one I want to upgrade) I want the best cart I can get (well 300 dollarish price ceiling) without it being overkill for my rig. I mean I don't see the point in spending a ton on a GPU to try and play at 4k only to bottleneck. 1444 p...
  30. F

    System won't power up

    I am trying to upgrade my power supply and having troubles. I plugged it all in and the computer won't turn on so I unplugged everything besides a fan and used the paper lip method to test the power supply and it powered the fan. I tested the system with another power supply and it powered up...
  31. M

    skylake Processor for Music/Video editing?

    i already have 16gb ddr4 ram, gtx 950, h110i mobo, 620w seasonic psu. i dont do much gaming. just a little. but i do more on photoshop, video editing and music editing. what is the recommended processor? i was thinking of getting i3 6100 or i5 6500/6400
  32. R

    graphics fans wont slow down after power in neighborhood went off and on

    graphics fans wont slow down after power in neighborhood went off and on i tried disconnecting everything as well
  33. J

    The difference between GTX 970s

    Hi So i'm looking to get a GTX 970, but i don't really know which one. I have read that the Gigabyte G1 is better and looked at all kinds of graphs, but they all basically mean nothing to me - when it comes down to frames per second, how much can be gained by getting one card over another? On...
  34. P

    Gaming Desktop that can run Minecraft CSGO and start YouTube

    Hey I'm looking to buy a gaming desktop. The games I will be playing are CSGO and Minecraft, but I was thinking of starting a YouTube channel. I'm basically looking for the best pc to do it at a good 200+ FPS. If you have any suggestions please go ahead. My budget is 800$, not including Windows...
  35. X

    Keyboard KP-810-35 (numeric keys + touch-pad + wireless + back-light)

    Hi, or iPazzPort LED illuminated MultiColor Backlit Ultra-Slim...
  36. P

    CPU fan connection

    ....appears to have a short. This is an old system, 6 years old, Sandy Bridge. It's been overheating lately. I replaced the original Intel CPU fan/heatsink and upon watching the new fan, I realized it starts up and then stops, slows down, stops, starts. After initial start-up it never...
  37. PCDesignerR

    My Tytan X SC

    GPU #1 Type NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X @ 595 MHz GPU #1 Brand EVGA Corp. VRAM #1 Type 12288 MB @ 3505 MHz DirectX 11.0 I have never really dabbled in overclocking before but I feel like my current MHz rating for this card is really low and should be something like 1200 or something...
  38. T

    Can someone tell me if this motherboard is okay for the i7-4790k? It's going to be for video editing.

    Is this motherboard okay for these parts? Here's a link:
  39. C

    Good site for benchmark comparison

    I am looking for a good site for comparing different GPUs on different games. I remember finding one about a year ago but can't find anything similar now. Can you guys link me a few sites that compare the different GPUs?
  40. W

    Three Graphics gone pop? cause?

    Hello Been around toms hardware for some time now, always use it for pc component reviews but Now I am in need of advice. As the title says I have 3 graphics cards go pop in less than a year,pc specs as follows Windows 7 64 bit 8GB RAM corsair GIGABYTE Z77 - D3H Motorboat Intel i5 3570k OC...