Question Test NAS Drive Logic and Process

Aug 22, 2022
Hello All,

I have a D-LINK 2bay NASDrive runnning ALF-F firmware (probably not important for this discussion but details on here).
I'm using two SEATGATE Ironwolf 2TB HDD's, both brand new.
I have setup this NAS drive as RAID1 with EXT4 as filesystem type, since I want to use it as a backup device for family pics and vids.
Before I store all my precious memories on these, I thought I'll first need to test my setup - i.e. confirm that files exist on both drives. For this I have followed the following logic:
  1. Setup NAS as RAID1
  2. Create a few directories and copy a few files
  3. Wait until sync-ing is done and all are reported correctly on the status page (my logic tells me at this point that the two drives will now be mirrored.)
  4. Switch off the NAS Device, undock each HDD, mount the drives in an external HDD casing
  5. Plug the external HDD into a USB on an Debian 11 terminal.
  6. Mount the HDD and browse to the directory.
I was expecting to see my test file structure at this point but there is nothing.

I have two questions:
a) Is there something wrong with my logic or,
b) Is there any other way to proof that a RAID1 setup was done correctly ?

Hope all makes sense and that I have not left out some critical part of information. Thank you in advance.


Mar 16, 2013
Note that your RAID 1 is NOT a backup on its own.
It needs to be a second (or third) copy of your data.

1 on the PC, 1 in the NAS.
Possibly another copy offsite, or otherwise off line.

To test:

Set up the NAS. This is where the formatting and initial 'sync' happens....setting up the RAID array.
Copy some data to it.
There is no "wait until it syncs'. A RAID 1 does this instantly.
Power the NAS off, and remove one drive.
It should report itself as 'degraded', but ALL data should be available on the remaining drive, while it is still in the NAS.