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    Question can Raid 1 work on both Mac and PC?

    I am planning on getting 2 internal 2.5" HDDs (1TB to 2TB) for backup, and put them into a Raid Enclosure to set them up as RAID 1. planning on getting this one...
  2. C

    Question RAID 0 & RAID 1 + offsite backup drive risk factors

    I currently have around 12TB of data (pictures) spread across several external drives and one drive being in Raid 1 and I'm trying to clean the mess I've made now. So I recently purchased two 24TB G-RAID drives because I wanted to simplify how I store my pictures with the added redundancy...
  3. Wheel in the Sky

    [SOLVED] Will RAID 1 work with an SSD and HDD, and is that a good choice?

    I am building a new computer very soon, and have 2 things I want to accomplish: I would like to use an SSD (only) as the main drive, with everything on the SSD. This is an upgrade from the current HDD-only computer. I would like to not lose any data if the SSD fails. Cloning the SSD to a...
  4. Question Raid 1 (mirroring) new HDDs + 100% active time. Pls help before crash...

    Hello everyone. A common issue, I know. And I have tried all the commonly suggested solutions. I was wondering if the RAID 1 set-up I created could be the cause of this. I have used the Win10 built-in wizard to create a Raid 1 (mirroring) 4 partition space. Today I noticed some weird clicks and...
  5. J

    Question Cannot install windows 10 with RAID Controller

    I'm having real trouble getting this set up, What I'm trying to achieve is the following Samsung 500GB SSD: Windows 10 WD Black 3TB HDD: Games and some media The trouble starts with the two new Seagate Ironwolf 10TB I want to set up in a RAID 1 setup for Movies. My MBO is a ROG Maximus VIII...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Unable to create RAID 1 on Asus Prime Z370-A

    My motherboard (ASUS Prime Z370-A) has a built in RAID controller with Intel's Rapid Storage Technology (RST). I have 2 internal (2 TB) HDDs and 1 internal SSD for my OS. I'm trying to only RAID the HDDs together, but there doesn't seem to be an option to separate them within the UEFI. My...
  7. E

    PC to Receiver to TV

    Hello, In can’t figure this one out. I’m going from media pc gtx 760, hdmi to pioneer elite amp sc 87, hdmi Sony 65x850c. I can get a picture when booting, and the first windows logo. Then video blank but still audio. Sometimes solid red line on right of screen. I’ve tried several different...
  8. F

    Any game on steam crashes and idk why...

    I've had this issue that started about a week ago. the game that i mostly play, Rainbow Six Siege, keeps on crashing/shutting down whenever i load into any type of game mode, i cant even play a solo terrorist hunt. I've tried then playing City Skylines to see if there was the same problem, and...
  9. M

    Best CPU for a 1070

    I got an EVGA 1070 8gb for christmas, an have been saving up for one. So now I have some spare cash and would like to upgrade my CPU from my current AMD Athlon 5350. What is the CPU for €150 to €200?
  10. H

    Linksys E1200V2 wifi problem

    Hi All, My company is using LINKSYS E1200V2 router for past many years as both wireless and wired connections and DHCP. For the past 2 days am experiencing a problem in Wireless . The ping goes high (1000ms+) in certain seconds/minutes and becomes normal 100-200ms range) or gives timeout in...
  11. R

    CPU Cooling too close to GPU?

    I've just built my new PC, its a small case, so i don't have a lot of room in it (Bitfeenix Prodigy M) The important components: MSI Mortar Arctic motherboard, ASUS Strix 1080 8G GPU and Ryzen 7 1800x CPU. I have also bought a Kraken x52 Liquid cooler for the CPU, but now i'm not sure if it's...
  12. Forgotten031511

    Lightroom Photo Editing

    I am looking to turn my old gaming PC into a Photo Editing PC for my small side business. Will the following specs work well? CPU: Q6600 @ 2.4GHz RAM: 6GB DDR2 GPU: AMD 5830 PSU: Antec Triple Rail 550W I am more worried about the GPU, but for basic photo work it should be fine...right?
  13. T

    y splitter connecte to another y splitter,

    I have two fans in a y splitter conected to a 3 pin header on my asus p6tse , can i connect a second splitter and add one more fan?
  14. P

    Changing Motherboard and CPU

    Hi guys, so my question is what is the best way to change my motherboard and cpu? I currently have AMD motherboard and CPU, I'm gonna change it to Intel. What's the easiest way to do this? Do i need to clean everything on my hard drive and start over? Reinstall window? Can someone walk me...
  15. Q

    Best motherboard Besides ASUS

    Im looking for a motherboard that beats the ASUS motherboards. Price does not matter just want the best possible motherboard.
  16. H

    Recommend me a good CPU cooler

    Ok, so the cooler that came with my pc is really loud, and because of that i im considering buying a new one for it. So if you know a good coller model that: -Is quiet, especially when it is spinning fast (~5000 rpm) -Cool the CPU properly (obviously) -And isnt expensive Please recommend it to...
  17. R

    Issues with AMD fx 8350 and 8gb 1866 ram (2x4gb sticks)

    Hello, I have searched high and low for the fix to this issue, and am finally starting to understand this problem. my board is an asus M5A99X evo r2.0, and my CPU is an AMD FX-8350. I have used 2 types of ram(not at the same time), and have also used another mobo which had the same issue! the...