The Tom's Hardware F@H Team Thread (Team 40051)

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Mar 24, 2016

Glad everyone is okay. Hopefully insurance won't be too much of a pain. Don't know much about natural disaster insurance but for car insurance the insurance companies have been paying out very well. The car gets totaled, but like for my neighbor he got into an accident with his old Toyota truck and they paid him 4k. Funny thing was my dad sold it to him after my brother got into a scrape on the freeway, and my dad thought he was getting a good deal because the insurance company paid him a bit, plus it was just cosmetic damage. Though I must admit, we do always complain about the insurance premiums no matter the day :lol: .
Ok Guys it is time to start getting ready for the holiday folding races.

Just so everyone knows I will do all I can to win. But I will gladly lose if it raises awareness for folding.
We gained a lot of awareness and new folders last year.
But we can always hope for more!!!!!!!
If everyone is game, lets get the ball rolling.
We got our guest cottage repaired. And have started on our home.
The cottage had the most roof damage and would get much worse if not started immediately.
Insurance estimated a little over 12,000. We will have about 31,000 or a little mire in repairing it.
All of the bids were much higher than estimates,and material cost is crazy here from the hurricane damage. Before the storm OSB was 8-9 dollar range.
Today it dropped to $18. Two days ago it was $20.
Fixing the cottage was easy.
Most of the contractors who came to bid on my home did not even submit a bid.
Some I did not feel like I wanted them working on my home.
And the ones that did were 3 to 4 times the insurance bid.
The good and bad of living in a new Gothic Victorian home.
My wife and I built it. We hired a little help for the things she could not do. Like lifting 18 ft (about 5.5 meter)floor joists, 3/4 plywood for the sub flooring etc.... Otherwise we did all of it. So we are very picky about the quality of repairs and final appearance.
We fooled one guy completely.
In his bid he said he would have to re-sand all of the downstairs flooring because he could never match the original old flooring.
The original old oak flooring is less than a year old, NEW oak flooring sanded and stained(the aged appearance part) and finished to appear old.
I have built and remodeled custom homes most of my life, and having someone else work on your home is a real challenge.


Yeah we kind of figured that out. That is why we have full replacement insurance. Replacement not repair or partial replacement.
But still a pain finding someone to do the work and paying for it and waiting on reimbursement from the insurance company.



Jan 2, 2008

Sounds good! I started folding so I could take part in the contest last year. I hope this encourages some others to join in as well.


Aug 9, 2015
December Folding@Home rematch!

So last year, AnandTech defeated you in a mere one week long competition, for charity, sponsored by Purch, who owns both websites.

No official charity event this year, sadly, but TeAm AnandTech would be pleased if you accepted a month long challenge at Folding, starting VERY soon, 1800UTC, on December 1st. Our editor in chief has promised front page coverage(announcement), which we badly badly need to re-introduce the world to Distributed Computing, and hopefully your editor in chief will likewise promote your team. In the end, Science wins!


Community Manager
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Feb 28, 2016
The AnandTech team is down for a new race in the new year. How does a start date, roughly a month from now sound? Start on the 15th of January and end on the 22nd?


I wish the chrome app could use GPU, so I could fold on the quadro in my work system.

Edit, copied my F@H folders from home system to work system and got it working. A quadro K620 is not all that great of a folder. :lol:

The dell system that sits behind me has some issues though. It has a K2200 and is folding horribly worse.

We all run what we have, I'm running a 1070 and an old 460. In the end science work gets done and that is all that counts.
Thanks for folding.


Mar 24, 2016
A week in mid-January sounds good. I bought 3 gtx 1070's to dabble in ethereum mining and all seems to be going well.

Has anyone played with the power limit of their GPU's when folding? I've had my gtx 1070's at 57-67% power limit when mining and it produces a lot less heat. I am a little worried that my room will catch fire, jokingly, if I set the power limit to 100%.


Depends on the card and the WU. For some it won't make a difference, for others it will drop core clocks and performance, but otherwise shouldn't cause an issue. If it makes your room livable then it is worth an experiment.


Mar 24, 2016
Sounds like a plan. My family rarely uses the heater even when it gets cold, so it might be fun to setup the desktops in the living room and see how warm it gets.