Question To buy New SSD

Feb 4, 2019
Actually i am planning to buy new SSD drive of 1TB but When i search online i found 4 options where is capacity is same but price is vary therefor i am confused which one to buy below is the list and its Url
1 Samsung 860 QVO 1TB 2.5-inch Internal SATA III SSD (MZ-76Q1T0BW)

2 Samsung 860 Evo 1TB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (MZ-76E1T0BW)

3 Crucial MX500 1TB SATA 2.5-inch 7mm Internal SSD (CT1000MX500SSD1)

4 WD Blue 1TB Internal Solid State Drive

Actually I am using dual boot Ubantu and windows 10 on my HDD with android studio, Photoshop, Visual Studio 2019, Intel Idea, Pycharm like application also i am playing games but when i see my HDD status is always runs 98% to 100% when i open this kind of applications. Therfore i am going to buy SSD drive of 1 TB But when i saw review of samsung 860 QVO (the first one link which i mentioned) the customer talking about 4bit MLC, QLC and TLC which i did not understand he was saying that

" The advertised speed of 550 MB/s read and 520 MB/s write can only be achieved through SLC cache which is only 42 GB on the 1TB model. After the cache is full, performance drops significantly, with sequential writes of only 80 MB/s. This is the same speed a good hard disk can offer for a lot less than what you are paying for this QLC SSD. Not value for money at all."

therefore i am worried what to do, because at any how i required a performance because the my all task can do my old HDD efficiently but without performance therefor the constant performance i am going to buy SSD .

Therefore i found this 4 options so any one can suggest me to which one to buy among this or any one have any better option excluding this can suggest.
also my motherboard not support M2.0 so i cant buy M2.0 type SSD therefor i am searching SATA SSD's



860 evo (not the QVO), or MX500. Both are good fast drives.
The WD blue is also good and fast but not as fast as the other two.
Honestly, get whichever one is the easiest for you to warranty return. Here i the USA they are all easy and I would get the cheapest one of the three that is in stock. I have all 3 and cannot tell a performance difference under normal usage.

These drives use 3d TLC, triple level cells, to store your data on which can store 3 bits per cell by being able to use varying voltage states to represent the 8 different 3- bit possibilities. (000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101,110, 111).

QVO drives use quad level cells and have 16 various voltage states to represent the various bit combinations.

SLC cache is used to buffer writes since the TLC and QLC cells cannot write as fast as the sata3 interface can send data. SLC is single level cells. So they only have 2 states, 0 or 1, and are very fast from having less overhead (ie trying to cram multiple bits into 1 cell).
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