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  1. iDawood

    Question Is there a way to stress test your HDD or SSD?

    Hi. I have been having issues with my PC and I basically stress tested all my components besides my HDD and SSD. I looked around google and there was this one program with a really vague explanation on the way it works, that ended up not working. So if you know of a way to stress test storage...
  2. T

    Question Does two copies of Windows 10 cause issues on a PC

    I recently bought a new PC but want to connect my old SSD and HDD. Both of them seem to have a pirated version of windows but my new PC has a clean copy. Will I have any issues if I simply install them like a normal hard drive or do I need to partition/wipe them before installation?
  3. S

    Question Please Help! "SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 5: At risk (SMART event)" What does this mean?!

    I've been receiving the message: "SATA SSD on Controller 0, Port 5: At risk (SMART event)" for the past couple of days. Obviously an impending problem is on the horizon, but I have no idea what it is or how to fix it. Can someone please help me identify the problem and how to go about fixing it...
  4. Y

    Question To buy New SSD

    Actually i am planning to buy new SSD drive of 1TB but When i search online i found 4 options where is capacity is same but price is vary therefor i am confused which one to buy below is the list and its Url 1 Samsung 860 QVO 1TB 2.5-inch Internal SATA III SSD (MZ-76Q1T0BW)...
  5. E

    Question First, blue screen crash. Then, both internal hard drives acting strange. Why? Please help.

    Hi! I hope I'm posting this to the right place. Sorry if not. Anyways, so I was gaming a couple days ago and my PC crashed to blue screen. When it booted back up, my HDD was not showing up. Seeing as how the HDD's about six years old now, I wasn't too terribly surprised and ordered a new 1TB...
  6. A

    Question Brand new 1tb SSD showing only 698 gb of storage?

    My brand new Samsung 860 EVO is only showing 698 gb of storage in file explorer. Using Samsung magician it says that the drive has 932 gb of usable storage so its clearly an issue with either windows 10 or my installation rather than the drive itself. Ive tried to use extend volume in disk...
  7. IndyAJD

    Question Where did my free space go?

    Hey guys, So I'm temporarily using a gaming rig with only a 250GB SSD, so I'm often faced with uninstalling games to install other games. I have fast internet so its not a huge deal. Today, I uninstalled the Witcher 3 to download Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I had about 10 GB free...
  8. G

    Question How do you change the primary installation from the SSD to the Hard Drive on your PC?

    I just got a new PC and I have run out of storage on my SSD so I can't download anything else onto my PC. How do you make your secondary installer (my hard drive) into the main installer for files/apps? Thanks
  9. ColopiX

    Question Is my HDD/PSU faulty?

    So guys i have 2 HDDs in my pc and DWD/RW 1 HDD (Seagate Baracuda ST500DM02) 500GB SATA 3i-s where OS is installed and some games/programs etc..I have bought this HDD used for decent price in 2017. 2 HDD (Seagate Baracuda ST3160815AS) 160GB SATA 1-im using this HDD for 11 years and did not have...
  10. Endre555

    Question Which SSD should I choose?

    Kingston A400 Kingston V300 Kingston UV400 Crucial SSD BX500 Which one would you choose? These are the ones I'm considering. I don't need anything fancy, just to do its job, I'm only spending 20-25 euros on it and I don't need anything fancy. Please don't suggest more expensive SSDs, but I'm...
  11. L

    Question Fresh PC build read the first SSD that was plugged into it but will not read any other drive of any type.

    So, as the title states, I have just built a new PC for a friend. Here are the specs. Asus z170-E 6700k i7 24gb ram (2x8 corsair, 2x4 gskill) RTX 2060 1 512gb Samsung SSD 860 (sata) - this drive read right away and i was able to put windows on it and everything is running as it should 1 512gb...
  12. P

    Question New SSD has 98% health, should I be concerned?

    So I got a new Samsung 256 GB SSD, and when I check it's health, it was 98%. Should I get it exchanged? Or should I just use it since it shows excellent condition. I have 1-year warranty on the product.
  13. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Do VMs benefit alot from SSDs?

    Hello! So, I made a few VMs, one Windows 7, One Ubuntu 18.10, and the other, Windows 8.1. All of them boot up fine. But they have slow performance. I'm not sure why (I don't run them at the same time) I give each of them 4 Gb of RAM, 2 Cores and around 100 mb of video memory. I just can't...
  14. beeko

    Question Good but affordable MLC SSD's?

    Hello I'm upgrading two computers with SSD drives and as I red from the internet, MLC is more reliable than TLC SSD's. So my question is, which would be a good MLC SSD with an affordable price (around 60$), storage space can be around 250gigabytes. (installing OS to the SSD and storage will be...
  15. S

    Question Recommendations for motherboards that can support both SSD & HDD.

    This is my first time looking into building a computer for myself and I need help with my ambition. I plan for my dream computer to use both a 500Gb M.2 PCIe SSD and 1Tb SATA HDD and I want to know which motherboard could support both. Also, the motherboard has to be able to support Intel 8th...
  16. NerdyComputerGuy

    Question Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB Solid State Drive SH103S3/120G Read / Write Speeds

    So here are the read and write speeds for my SSD, i've had the SSD since maybe 2014-2015 As I can see the write speeds are not up to par? From Amazon Sequential read/writes up to: 555/510MB/s View...
  17. V

    [SOLVED] Is it worth to add more fans to my case?

    My case is Kolink Horizon RGB ( ). It has already four fans, but has space for two more. So is it worth it to add those two and if yes, should they take the air in our push is out? Also what case fans...
  18. J

    does this pc built bottlenecks?

    specs: GIGABYTE GA-F2A78M-HD2 AMD A8 7650k MSI GTX 1050ti 4GB ram i just play a games that is not that demanding like dota 2 (ultra) league of legends (max) CSGO (max). if possible can i play PUBG (very low will do with 4 GB of ram or i upgrade it for 8 GB)
  19. V

    Looking for CPU Cooler

    So which one is better for low temps and quiet noise for i7-7700k Usually i use my pc for rendering and gaming be quiet! Silent Loop 240mm or Corsair H100i v2 ? Which do you think better for low temps and quiet noise Please comment about your opinion.
  20. J

    Moving work and home computer into one

    Hey all, I have been living abroad for a while and have had a cheap office computer, however it has a lot of important files on it, so I brought it's drive back with me when I came home. My plan was to move it into my gaming PC, and either be able to switch back and forth by choosing which...