Question Tried new Ryzen 5 on two different motherboards, shuts off after 3-5 minutes

Jun 18, 2019
I bought a new Ryzen 5 to replace my old CPU chip that was having trouble. I have an ASRock B450M-HDV and AMD B350 and it boots up properly on both and roughly 3-5 minutes after I log into Windows it shuts off spontaneously.
Both MB and CPU fan seem to work fine. I didn't apply any additional thermal paste to the CPU chip besides the thermal paste that comes pre-applied on AMD fan that came with Ryzen.

It has shut off during the booting process as well. When I check the CPU temperature on the boot H/W monitor it remains around 94.5C and the system doesn't seem to shut down at all no matter how long I keep it running on the boot setup screen.

My question is: is it an overheating issue or is there some issue with my boot device that is loading up Windows which is causing the random shutdowns? What other possible causes might be behind this.

Any help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!