Question Trying to build a pc but no idea what I'm doing

Oct 24, 2022
Hello good people 😊. I'm new to pc world and I'm trying to build a pc but I'm kinda confused on what motherboard to go with or even if the parts i picked are compatible or not.

CPU : i7 13700K

Motherboard (not sure, need advice) : gigabyte aorus z690 pro - I don't want something very expensive as i might get the 4090 , so I'm just aiming for something that could handle my cpu and gpu without stalling or comprising them much

The resolution I'm playing on is 1440p however my monitor is 1080 144hz :p
is that even possible?

GPU either 3090 or 3090ti or 4090 gigabyte oc gaming

RAM : Corsair vengeance 32 GB (16x2) 6200Mhz cl36

PSU : corsair RM1000x 1000w 80+ gold

Any advice or info helps a lot.

Thank you so much in advance.