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Question Two HDDs, two OSs, one SSD?

Jul 3, 2020
I want to use one hard drive for Windows, one ssd for linux, which I would replug depending on what OS I want to use.
Now can I constantly have one hard drive plugged as shared memory?

Thank you in advance,

Math Geek

yes you can. to make it happen you'll want only the windows drive plugged in when you install that. then only the linux ssd plugged in when you install that OS.

then finally plug all 3 in to use the 3rd drive as data storage.

to swap between OS's use the f8 key on boot up to select the proper boot drive for the moment. this will be better than constantly plugging and unplugging drives to swap OS's.

if you install linux with windows drive plugged in, then you'll get a dual boot set-up where you'll get a menu everytime you boot up to select the OS (with one set as default in case you don't want to select everytime). this is also an easy option for most uses if you don't want to have to hit f8 everytime you boot the system up.

i personally have 3 different OS's on 2 different drives as well as 3 data/work drives. no issues using data no matter what OS i'm using.