Question Un-usual Power Cycling After Motherboard Swap

May 11, 2019
Hello all! Thank you for viewing in advance, as the title states I'm having an un-usual series of events after a motherboard swap and can't seem to find a thread similar enough to fix my problem as well. I will start with the problem I ran into and the troubleshooting that led me to a new motherboard, then follow up with my new "problem?" after the motherboard swap.

Problem with Motherboard #1: To start off with my custom pc is roughly 2 years old now and hasn't had any issues until this week. I was playing a game and left it running while I made dinner. Came back after I ate to see no lights or sound coming from the tower, and nothing on either monitor, but my keyboard and mouse lights were flashing repeatedly and at a fast paced. I tried the power button on the tower and nothing happened, lights were still flashing. Flipped the switch on my PSU off and back on again, and nothing came back. Nothing in the tower,monitor, or keyboard. After some troubleshooting, FAQ's and forums I narrowed it down to the motherboard, installed the new one and now it almost works like it should!

Problem with Motherboard #2: Now with the new board installed, it will perform an un-usual power cycle. I only call it un-usual because I can't find any form of answers on this specific set of events. Even with only necessary bits plugged in it will:
1: Power cycle twice in a row, both times the red troubleshooting LED's will flash CPU very quickly (less then a second), then hang on DRAM for about 15 seconds before it shuts back off.
2:The third time it cycles on, it will start off the same, will flash CPU very quickly (less then a second), then hang on DRAM for about 15 seconds, but then hangs on VGA indefinitely until I forcefully shut it down manually by holding the power button.

I've looked up these LED lights and can only find answers if the light stays on one or the other, but not all 3. This being my first post and pc build, I apologize if I got any lingo wrong or wasn't specific enough. Thanks again!

Parts list if that would help:
Intel Core i7 - cpu
EVGA 850 g2 - psu
cooler master hyper 212 evo - cpu cooler
barracuda 3tb - ssd
(old motherboard) gigabyte ga-z170-hd3
(new motherboard) gigabyte z390 - ud
gigabyte 1070 gtx - gpu


You 've bought a motherboard that supports 8th-9th gen cpus, while your previous motherboard is for 6th-7th gen. So which is your cpu make and model? Obviously, it's not going to work if your chip is anything else than 8th-9th gen