Question Unknown issue involving CPU (but maybe not)

Jul 4, 2021
Hey there, this will likely be a long post as I am incredibly stumped and do not know what the issue may be.

I am running a i7-6800k w/ stock cooler, a GTX2060, 48GB DDR4, all on a huananzhi x99- if it matters. I've been having some issues since about March, small performance issues (lag where I previously had none, difficulty running multiple programs, etc.), and since about April, I've been monitoring my PC's utilities. Not once has my CPU (or any process) been remotely close to 100% usage, not even 80%. The same for my GPU/MEM, the only thing that was above the norm is my CPU temp, which started just recently mid-June.

I have checked the thermal paste, cleaned my fans, looked for dust, replaced my mobo button batt. All is normal, nothing was damaged or dusty. I've run some benchmarks for my PC and that showed me both my processor and OS drive are running VERY suboptimally (varies between 6-12 percentile when compared to the same parts), and as such, I decided to replace my OS drive first and hope.

I planned to move windows 10 (current OS) to a fresh 500GB SSD today and installed the new drive earlier. In doing so, my computer will no longer recognize my OS Drive as a bootable option. Now I am confronted with the prompt to select proper boot media if I do not run to bios, which again, cannot locate the new drive, just the alternate SSD I had installed prior. I'd like to point out that I can find the OS drive in bios in non-primary drives which I cannot boot from, but not when selecting my PC boot order.

I am not sure what is causing issues with my PC and tomorrow I'll be finding a windows disk to try and fresh install, I will update when it is complete. In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas or has heard of anything like this I would appreciate any and all advice. I'm truly at a loss and really don't want to replace my CPU, which is only at max three years old.

Thanks for reading.
I suspect your high temperature problem is related to the environment in which the machine runs. Computer coolers will never lower the temperature below ambient and I suspect you are experiencing high ambient temperatures. The only fix for that is to reduce the temperature in the room in which the machine is running.

The only fix I know of for dealing with the boot problem is to disconnect all other drives other than the SSD from which you wish to boot and do a fresh install on that one. Power the machine down, disconnect all other drives, remove and replace the BIOS battery, and power up again for the install. Once that install is working correctly you can reconnect your other drives.