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  1. D

    Question Veracrypt boot order wrong after Windows Update. How to switch it back?

    TLDR I need to change the boot sequence back to having the Veracrypt bootloader being the first, and Windows' standard one afterwards, all without being able to access the BIOS. Full explanation: I run the latest version of Veracrypt and Win 10 1809 on my Acer TravelMate P2510. Windows...
  2. ExtremelySoupy

    Question Did I Recieve a Bad Board?

    Hello, I recently built a whole new system with the exception of a power supply and graphics card (using them from a previous build). I'm having an issue where when I try to boot from my disk drive to install Windows 10 my computer freezes on my splash screen. I have tried using a retail...
  3. Harprit271

    Question BSOD corrupting windows

    I'm getting BSOD which constantly corrupting windows 10. When I ran some program such as games and adobe Premiere pro. They worked fine for some time after that there's a BSOD saying critical process died. Funny thing about it is that BSOD left window corrupted it won't restart. After that I...
  4. IshhBhatt

    Question Can't install Windows 10 on ryzen 3 2200g

    New here pls help :( Setup: Cpu: ryzen 3 2200g apu MoBo: gigabyte a320m-h2s (latest bios) RAM: Corsair vengeance 3000 Mhz (8gbx1) HDD: wd blue 1tb SsD: wd green 120 gb System boots up fine. I can entert in bios and updated it as well. (However ram shows up as 2133mhz when xmp is turned off. I...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Getting SSD for Boot drive, need some help with my HDD.

    So I just ordered an SSD M.2 which I plan to use as my new PC's boot drive. I have a 4tb HDD that I use as a second storage option (my current PC boots off a 1tb HDD) and was told a long while ago that if I have any data I want to keep, that I'd need to partition a portion of my HDD and send it...
  6. B

    Question Stuck in Automatic Repair Loop

    Hi there! I really need some help sorting out this major problem of mine. My computer is an HP Pavilion desktop It came out of nowhere yesterday evening. A black screen will appear, along with the HP logo and "Preparing automatic repairs..." loading up below it. It never gets anywhere...
  7. C

    Question Windows 10 shows Critical Process Died

    Recently, I decided to clean my 4 years old Alienware 15 r2 laptop so I dissembled it, after putting it back together, windows keeps showing blue screen with code Critical Process Died. I tried to boot the SSD Drive from another computer and it works fine and now I really can’t identify any...
  8. R

    Question Whatever window i am not clicked into Lags

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X (no overclock) GPU: RX 570 8gb (no overclock) Motherboard: MSI X470 Gaming Plus Bios Version A.40 Ram: Patriot Memory 16gb 2400MHz Storage C: Samsung NVME 120gb Storage D: Kingston 120gb SSD Storage E: Toshiba 1tb HDD Storage F: Sandisk 120gb SSD I have...
  9. GauravRawat

    Question Blue Screen Error - Critical Process Died

    Hello Microsoft my pc hangs and freezes after some time of restart and gets a blue screen error named critical process died. i have the minidump files { ,} can you tell the reason of this please?
  10. R

    Question XFX RX 580 fan spinning loud at idle state

    Hi My XFX is doing something strange lately since the new windows 10 update 1903 , is running the fans at full speed on idle at random time and not every time I turned on the computer . Yesterday I had a full day without this issue . this happened always when the graphic card is cold , even...
  11. The Blue Infinite

    Question My Custom PC keeps freezing

    Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Nvidia geforce gtx 1070 ti Seasonic 660 w power supply G skills 16gb ddr4 ram So I built this computer last year. Now suddenly I had problems with it being stuck at boot and giving me dr debug codes. So I reset cmos, and now its freezing on desktops after a few minutes. I'm...
  12. X

    [SOLVED] Can I reuse my 2 SSD's on my new build if I had OEM windows 10?

    Hello everyone, I want to build a new pc. In my current pc I have two SSD's both are 250GB. One has an OEM version of Windows 10 and some other random stuff.. The other one has only games on it. I want to order the new parts online the I was wondering if I could reuse both of my SSD's or...
  13. _dawn_chorus_

    Question How to check over all PC health?

    Just feeling like giving my PC an over all health check up. Can anyone recommend free utilities to do so? What to look for and check up on? Running Windows 10. It would be great if there was a program that could do it all.
  14. LTK103

    Question Hard Drive Question

    Okay so I have a gaming pc with windows 10 but I also had just a family desktop that was windows 7. The windows 7 desktops motherboard finally quit. So my question is could I just use the hard drive from the old pc and plug it into my gaming one for more storage. I do not care about anything...
  15. Inferno 1337

    Question Plugged In not charging

    I've never had this problem until I reset my laptop just the other day. I've tried the 'fixes' that are posted online by unistalling the battery options in device manager and restarting and so on, yes this fixed the issue but its only temporary, when I turn it off then come on the next day its...
  16. P

    Question Amd 6670 not working after driver install

    My amd 6670 is showing gray screen after driver install . When I install windows from scratch then it works with limited resolution but whenever I try to install its drivers via amd website or from windows update . It again shows gray screen . Windows works with iGpu though. And if I uninstall...
  17. S

    Question AC8260 bluetooth shuts off

    So I recently put in a AC8260 wifi and bluetooth card on my Windows 10 desktop PC as I can't have Ethernet where my computer is and I wanted to connect a bluetooth keyboard. It was kind of working at first and then it started freezing randomly and then coming back a minute or so later or...
  18. C

    Question Hardware failure from unknown source. Disappearing sound devices and massive lag.

    I self-built my PC. I’m suspecting some sort of hardware failure but am at a complete loss as to the source. All of my games lag horribly, and I experience a lot of sound stutter. The sound starts ‘popping’ in and out. As far as detection of my devices go, the PC will ‘see’ and then ‘not see’...
  19. Anguis Nox

    Question Laptop not starting and repair loop

    my laptop: HP 14 Notebook PC Processor: Intel Celeron 4GB RAM 500GB ATA Hard Drive my problem right now is that after the initial loading it goes to the blue screen of "Your pc ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it need to restart" and below that in the same blue screen it says...
  20. sstefann

    Question Can't enter the BIOS, pc goes straight to windows

    I just installed M.2 SSD, and want to make it my first boot option. I tried pressing del and F2 when pc powers on but it didn't work. I also disabled fast startup in both windows and my motherboard. Turns out I was on BIOS legacy, so I changed it to UEFI, and then tried going to Advanced...