Build Advice Upgrading an 10 year old PC to match my GTX2070.

Nov 9, 2019
Hello, few months back I bought MSI GTX2070 Armor and now got the funds to go for a new CPU/Mobo which are now 10 years old, bought them at the end of 2009. They are still going strong, but I think it is time to move on and get the new tech.

Build I'm running atm:

GPU - GTX2070
CPU - i7 920 ~3.8ghz
Mobo - Asus P6T Deluxe v2
RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance (need more RAM these days?)
PSU - Corsair AX850 (it is 9 year old, time to replace?)

SSD: Samsung 840 Pro
HDD: Seagate disks

I will be using it for gaming only really. Not going to stream or anything.

I'm looking for something to last me as long as i7 920 did. And easier to overclock, doing it with an online tutorial was not fun and I was scared I'd blow shit out. Also please recommend cooler for my "new" CPU.

I suppose I should go for 16GB RAM as well?

I am also wondering about new PSU, my current one will be running for a 9th year now and my question is if I should replace it for safety?

Thank you very much in advance for all the responses and help.


Sep 25, 2019
This AMD build should hold you fine for a while.
This is an intel one since intel is better suited for gaming.

I recommend you get a new PSU, while your current one may still be holding ground the age makes it risky to use on new hardware that you don't want to risk losing. Also gave you 16GB of ram at 3200MHz as games nowadays are becoming way more demanding, plenty of AAA titles are requiring 8GB just for a minimum!...
Nov 9, 2019
Hey, thank you for your advice.

Isn't i7 overkill just for gaming?

I'm kinda afraid of liquid cooling. What standard fan cooler would you recommend?


I would also recommend a high refresh rate 1080p (or 1440p) g-sync monitor with your upgrade if you do not already have one. These can be had for about 200-250 for the 1080p and 250-350 for the 1440p monitor.

PCPartPicker Part List

Monitor: Asus ROG SWIFT PG248Q 24.0" 1920x1080 180 Hz Monitor ($268.73 @ Best Buy)
Monitor: Dell S2417DG 23.8" 2560x1440 165 Hz Monitor ($346.95 @ Walmart)
Total: $615.68
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