Question USB Drive can't format to Fat32 and showing wrong size


May 15, 2016
While, I was trying to install the windows 10 media tool in my usb drive, it got disconnected and the drive broke. At first it said "insert disk" and the drive couldn't work and after I tried several things the drive now shows 57.3GB of storage instead of 32GB and it's on NTFS file system. The fat32 option does not appear at all inside the format tab and if I try and do it through the CMD it just pops up an error or saying the drive is too big. Can I fix it or is the drive completely done?
There are other tools to format the drive other than Windows itself. Might work.

But I'm not sure I'd bother running that down if the drive is suspect. The Microsoft Media Creation Tool only requires 8 GB capacity as far as I know, so I'd probably spend the 5 dollars on a new drive. USB flash drives are extremely flimsy.