using a hole saw


Aug 24, 2004
ok im planning on making a cut into the side of my case for an intake fan. im gunna use an 80mm fan on the side (maybe 2) but i need to cut. what size hole saw do i need for an 80mm fan? would u reccomend using an easier method (id also rather not use a dremel)

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Oct 25, 2004
80mm = just a hair over 3 1/8 inches so a 3" should do it. I usually drill holes (1/4" or 3/8" depending on fan size and my mood), more work but you don't need to add a grill.
You need a 3" inch hole saw for an 80 mm fan.

Here are my tips:

Use a small phillips screw drive, and smack it with a hammer in the center of where you want to cut a hole, this will help keep the drill bit from "walking."

Use a regular drill bit (small bit), to drill through the indentation that you made with the screw driver.

Then use the hole saw. Do this on level frim ground, hold onto both the case and the drill <b>very firmly</b>. If the hole saw catches while drilling through (this happens normally), and you don't have a firm hold of both things, something will spin, either your arm, or the case (both are bad).

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