Question Using a second gpu with a riser for video encode


Dec 2, 2018
I bought the rx 6500 xt because it's cheap, but it doesn't have and encoder and the cpu isn't that great at it either.

My question is, If i connect my old gpu through a riser x1 to x16, does the second gpu have to be connected to a monitor to encode video?


CPU: R5 1600
GPU1: RX 6500 XT
GPU2: RX 560
PSU: 700W
Mobo: Gigabte B450M S2H

The motherboard only has one x16 pcie slot so i wanted to install a riser to add the rx560 in one of the pcie x1 slots
Does the rx560 have to be connected to one of the monitors to encode? if yes, which one? i have 2 also i am using OBS.

And the 6500 xt is already running in pcie x4 mode because AMD so the performance shouldn't drop.
No it does not need to be connected to a monitor to use the encoder and honestly should work that way, but you wont be able to use the AMD software to do it, you'd have to use OBS or some other forum of recording software that allows you to change the encoding to the 560.

Also what are you trying to do, just record gameplay? If so I suggest you try the Windows Gamebar for recording games, you can set it to 60FPS and up the quality to high, it uses the CPU to record but vary little and it does a pretty decent job honestly and works in windowed mode or borderless full screen and has a FPS counter.

I myself use it, I hate the limits that the AMD software has as I like to play in a window and record the last few min of gameplay, it doesn't work in windowed mode unless you record the entire desktop, plus the Windows Gamebar you can set it up to only record game audio which I love, I always have music or a stream playing on my other screen and it doesn't record that, probably the best thing about it honestly.

Good luck bud!