Using SSD and external hard drive question?


Nov 9, 2013
I wanted to add an ssd to my laptop but it only has room for a 2.5 inch ssd and is 1TB 2.5 inch hdd. I can't afford a 1TB SSD though I do max out my storage all the time as I do lots of recording and video editing etc. I have USB type C on my laptop so I was thinking of getting a 500gb ssd for my laptop to boot from and install a few programs/games and then use a 2tb or 3tb external drive. Would USB type C be fast for recording files too? I might get a 240gb ssd instead and then just have an external drive all the time. Of course I would prefer a 1tb ssd but they are too expensive and I need more storage. Otherwise I was tempted to just stick with slow speeds and get a 2tb 2.5 inch hdd. But my laptop is so slow sometimes. I have a dual core i3 7th gen, 940mx gpu and upgraded my ram to 8gb ddr4 (2x4gb). Not sure if it is worth upgrading to an ssd since it's hard to open up my laptop but I really want it to be fast as I have an ssd in my PC for boot up times and loading screens. I do some light gaming and video editing on my laptop from time to time since my PC is usually busy while gaming. Any thoughts?
Jan 14, 2019
Using an external solid state drive (SSD) to boot Windows and maybe store a few games seem like a good option. Maybe you can also consider a solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) as it combines the fast speed of SSDs with the big storage capabilities of HDDs (hard disk drives). Seagate FireCuda SSHDs tend to be slightly more expensive (above USD 100) than some HDDs but cheaper than SSDs with the same memory capacities. SSHDs also give similar speeds to SSDs when loading games. Some YouTube videos show how to turn SSHDs into external drives.