News Valve Prepares to Kill Steam Gaming on Windows 7 and 8

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Omg. Don’t quote chat Gtp. You’ve lost all credibility right there.
Never mind that this is a fallacy of composition, what else was I supposed to quote, the entire internet? You do realize I was trying to prove a negative here. It should be TerryLaze's responsibility to prove that they didn't pull their definition out of thin air, not mine. And look, they still didn't prove a thing:

Think about it logically.
Why would there be a reason to call a release physical?
It's only when there is an option for a digital release that you have to distinguish between them.
Before there where digital releases all game releases where just releases, nobody called them physical releases because there was no reason to distinguish them from anything else because there was nothing else.
Instead they decided to make this about digital vs physical, which isn't even what we were talking about.

For all the rest, you are just fighting windmills here.
2.4% is not zero, so my statement was correct, if you have one of these games and steam stops working you can still play that one game, that's all that it takes to make my statement be correct.
Ok, then that's the end of our discussion. If you want to play your Steam games even after you lose access to Steam, just hope that one of your games is DRM-free. Problem solved.