[SOLVED] very small wired usb keyboard?


Nov 6, 2009
Do you know about a small, like on the picture, and low priced
wired usb keyboard? The keyboard is not meant for everyday use. Therefore practicability is
not a priority. It is about having a wired usb keyboard in case a computer's keyboard
stops working. The pictured keyboard has a number of extra keys and controls. That is not required.
I have a keyboard similar to the one on the picture. To my knowledge it does
not enable a wired usb connection. Thank you.


What is considered "low priced"?

If not for every day use and if practicability is not a priority then just purchase a generic wired USB keyboard as a spare.

Ask around: good chance that you know someone who has an unused keyboard they would give you. I often see keyboards in thrift shops, yard sales, and even in discount bins in big box stores.

The keyboard may not have all of the whistles and bells but if extra keys and controls are not required then almost any basic USB keyboard will do. Plug and Play.

I usually have an extra keyboard around but generally end up giving the spare to a family member or friend.

Nowadays if I need a keyboard I just temporarily borrow one from another home computer. Then eventually get around to buying a replacement for the keyboard that broke or failed.