Vga laptop to tv



I'm having the same problem. I just bought a VGA male to male cable today. I hooked one end into my laptop (hp pavilion dv6000) and the other to my tv, which is a tv I bought about a month ago, a nice flat screen lcd. When I plug it in, my computer makes a noise that shows it detects something new, but shows nothing, and does nothing?


Aug 27, 2006
Maybe you are over the resolution and/or refresh rate that your tv could do. Try setting your desktop resolution to something lower (800x600), and forcing Catalyst Control Center/Nvidia Control Panel/Intel GMA Control Panel to add a new screen might work.


I am assuming your "TV" has a VGA input option so it will work with standard VGA signals. You need to make two other moves.
1. Check whether a driver for this display unit is already installed in Windows. Click on Start ... Control Panel ... System, and click on the "Hardware" tab, then on the "Device Manager" button. Click the "+" sign beside "Monitors" and see what monitors you already have installed. If your new TV is there, just cancel back out.
2. You need to tell Windows you want it to feed a VGA signal out of the graphics card to your TV. RIGHT-click on your screen background anywhere and choose Properties. In it click the "Settings" tab, and you'll probably find it shows you two rectangles representing your current computer monitor (#1) and the TV (#2). Check that the information it displays for #1 is right for your monitor. Then click on the rectangle #2 and set its display properties. See if that gets you a display on your TV. If not, look up instructions for your video card about how to enable a second display.