Sep 21, 2011
I bought the computer back in Febuary of 2008. Runs window 7 64 bit and has the amd phenonmen 9500 2.2 processor. I play wow and the fps on ultra was 20's on average in big cities it would drop down to 4-8. I figured a new graphics card was the solution so i bought a xfx 6850. I installed the graphics card and it workd just as well as the previous one. There was not a big jump in fps. I dinked around with it for a while trying to increase fps and utimelty nothing was chaning. I turned the computer off and was back a few hours later and turned it back on. The computer would no longer boot up, so i had to take the graphics card out and put the old one back. The other on back it will start up sometime and somtine not. Sometimes it says my hard drive is bad and can't find it. Anyways tonight i'm going to reinstall window to make sure all drives are reset for a fresh install.
I believe the low FPS is due to your weak CPU. It's a decent quad core, but for games it is on the weak side.

Also when you install new graphics cards you have to make sure to uninstall the old drivers first.

- Boot into safe mode - uninstall the graphics driver.

Boot with the new video card - and install the latest drivers.

Let us know how it goes if your doing a full re-install.
If you are getting drive errors, you should replace the drive. Unless you have current backups and just want to see what it does in the future. May want to recheck your connections, you may have knocked something loose while installing and uninstalling the card.