Apr 13, 2011
On Friday I saw the most thing, laptop wireless setup to see the router, the Router was set up with the as its lan number. At first all was well but because the laptop had hot been updated I had to load the security etc updates.

As soon as the updates were completed and the machine was rebooted the wireless device changed to with mask as and I could not change it!

Both ipconfig /release or ipconfig /renew will not work!

There are three machines that used the same router a desktop with IP (255.255.2550) and a laptop ( there work correctly (Desktop OS is Windows 7 and the Laptop XP Pro)

Any ideas?


Those network adapter settings just mean that the laptop is unable to reach the gateway for an address, so they default to those.

Check in the device manager to insure that the wireless card still shows up and has a driver that it says is working properly.

Under your network control panel check to see if you have any networks under the manage wireless network, and insure that the order has you home network first in priority.

Also, is there an unidentified network showing up in your system tray?


So it sounds like your hardware/driver is fine and that your network is gone.

Have you already tried the Diagnose and Repair of Vista like THIS?

Also, try running an elevated command prompt and using each of these commands then reboot:

netsh int ip reset reset.txt
netsh winsock reset
netsh advfirewall reset