Question VRAM usage

Jan 22, 2023
So I have been trying to figure out why, when I play Escape from Tarkov , is my 3080 12gb gpu using all of its dedicated memory while loading maps and playing the game? I have textures set to high, like everyone else recommends with my setup. I’m not losing any performance by the way, no stuttering or lagging is happening. This is the only game that this happens on. I just built this pc and my old pc with a 2070 super 8gb only uses 6 to 7 gbs to run the game on the same settings. I’m playing on a 1440p 32 inch monitor now instead of a 27inch on this pc however.
What would be the issue here? I’m getting 130 to 170 fps , depending on the map and where I’m at on the map.
Thanks for any help
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VRAM usage reporting is very messy with most GPU monitoring applications. Often times they will report the full physical video memory usage, not the actual memory usage the game is needing. Games usually throw unnecessary data into the remainder of the VRAM capacity that isn't being used, so its there just in case it needs that data sometime in the future.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone are notorious for this.