WARNING ! AeroCool Strike X ST - Almost burned my whole PC

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Nov 13, 2012
Hello there.

My name is Alexandro, i have the following config and my computer almost burned last night, thanks to my AeroCool Strike X ST case:

Corsair HX1000W
Asus P8Z68 Deluxe
Intel I7 2600K
Corsair H100 WC
Corsair 8GB DDR3 XMS 3
Zogis GTX 580
Seagate 1.5TB 7200rpm 32MB Buffer + 3 x 2TB 5900rpm 64MB Buffer + OCZ SSD 256GB VERTEX 4
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Dragon Age 2 Edition
Steelseries Merch Stealth
Samsung HT Z220 5.1
Lamptron FC 8 Fan Controller
AeroCool Strike-X ST
LG 42" LW 5700 3D
Philips SHP2700
Creative Titanium HD
Razer Deathadder 3500dpi
Razer Mousepad Goliathus Speed Oversized
Microsoft X-Box Controller
APC Winner Net Expert 1800VA

I mentioned everything including my mousepad so you could see what i could had loose because of my AeroCool Strike X ST case.

Last night, it literally burned, with flames and smoke.

My intent here is have a good repercussion so the company can understand that this is very serious matter and they can't really just answer me with "this should be a faulty product that passed through quality control" kind of answer (which i did not received yet by the way, but did sent it by email and are waiting for an answer).

I can't stress enough all the problems that it could have cause me, the danger and risk of fire through out the whole apartment, endangering the lives of my wife and myself, if i was not around when it happened.

The problem was on the mini-board for the HDD hot-swap dock on top of the cause. It literally burned with flames and smoke.

Pictures below:

What if i was not around when it happen ?

What if another owner left the computer on at night, downloading something or using for SETI or other stuff, with kids in the house and a fire starts ?

Be warned !

generally speaking, any part in your pc could potentially fail and cause a fire. i've seen plenty of horror stories, most centering around cheap power supplies.

something caused a short. perhaps a voltage spike the board could not handle or perhaps a cheap/bad cable/end connector. if the cable was included with the case and you can be sure your psu or mb are within voltage limitations specified then you definitely have a case (no pun intended) against the manufacturer. at very least they should offer you a replacement case or working hot swap device (external or internal) and check into the matter to see what failed.

of course, not all companies are easy to deal with. if they don't want to play nice hardball them with a nice review on ebay, amazon, tigerdirect and newegg. bad press is hard to get rid of so they might be more willing to deal.

Paul Lightfoot

Mar 18, 2013
had my strike x ST case for about a year now. the only thing that happened to it was my kids spilled fingernail polish on it. otherwise keeps all my parts nice and cool :) no issues from the top hotswap dock. sucks to see the issue happen to you though :(

asus rampage iv extreme
i7 3930k 6 core
corsair h100
64gb ddr3 corsair
1000 watt xfx pro hybrid psu
2x zotac AMP! gtx 680 sli
2x 240gb corsair force gs in raid 0
4x 3TB seagate hdd's for storage

Michael Viox

Apr 1, 2013
Be honest with you friend, I recently built one myself but I have my hotswaps in RAID (bad idea) The board can't handle running all the drives at once. I removed the board before it had the chance to blow. The warning signs were every time I wanted to add or change a file greater than 1 or 2 G it would kill the power on the middle drive causing my RAID to fail. Sorry for your loss, but I am glad to know that I am not the only person with issues. Oh and Mine uses the same board but I have the strike x open air. well maybe not but by the same company :p

2x corsair 140 gtx SSD
3x WD black 1Tb
32 gb corsair 1600
AMD 8350 x8 core
2x 2gb nvidia gtx 560
Corsair 1200w PSU
Custom cooling loop
ASUS crosshair v formula z


Oct 23, 2013
yesterday the same hapened to me while i was sleeping my pc caught fire that started from the hdd quick dock


Jan 6, 2014
Hi. Same has happened to me, but thankfully I was next to the machine when smoke started to pile out of it... I loved this case as you have room for a 50" plasma and a sofa in the corner. Very little damage as i caught it early on so i still use this case. Have been in touch with Aerocool and thus far has been really good about it, sending a Strike X fan controller and a new case...

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