Aug 18, 2008
Hi, message is translated by google so if anyone want to retranslate bether you are welcome ... (French version below)

I'd like to know what block you advise me how and radiator.

For block i have 2 option

1 - magicool cpu block
2 - DD mc-tdx

I'd like to know which offers the best result with a low flow pump (D-TEK Customs DB-1) and which offers the best solution for a C2D and a C2Q

for the radiator

I like the opinion of expert on 120.1, I do not research the silence but a good temp...

I look at the magicool slim radiator and the swiftech one ... What take?
or another model similar advise me in the same price range (120.1 only)

** For the block I do not want the other model because the block is temporary and I want the least expensive possible (a note that a friend sold me mc-tdx for the price I pay the magicool against I raises question for the flow rate)

I forget, I alredy have the pump, tubing (1 / 2 id), tee line and everything else what i need

the 2 the only missing parts are the block and the radiator

Thank you

Salut, se message est traduit par google donc si quelqun veu le retraduire mieu vous aite le bienvenue... (version francaise plus bas)

J'aimerai savoir quelle block vous me conseiller et quel radiateur.

Pour le block jai 2 option

1- le magicool cpu block
2- le DD mc-tdx

j'aimerai savoir lequel offre le meilleur résultat avec une pompe bas débit(D-TEK Customs DB-1) ainsi lequel offre la meilleur solution pour un C2D et un C2Q

pour le radiateur

jaimerai l'oppinion des expert sur les 120.1, je ne recherche pas le silence mais bien une bonne température..

jai vue le magicool slim radiateur et selui fabriquer par swiftech... quel prendre???
ou un autre model similaire a me conseiller dans la meme game de prix (120.1 selement)

** Pour le block je ne veu pas d'autre model car se block est temporaire et je veu le moin cher possible(a noter que un ami me vend le mc-tdx neuf pour le prix que je paye le magicool par contre je me pose des question pour le flow rate)



Contributing Writer
I have the TDX on my Q6600 and it works well. You should run at least a 2x120mm radiator with that setup, especially if you want to cool the GPU at some point. A 3x120mm would be even better if you can find a place for it. A good pump is the MCP655 or any Liang rebranded version. There is also a MCP355 that is a smaller pump and does pretty well, also. Enheim pumps are supposed to be pretty good as well, but I haven't used them so I don't have much of a vote. Hope this translates OK back into French for you. Let me know if you need any help with translations.