Question Weird monitor issue, keeps blinking on/off.

Feb 5, 2020
So I've had this issue with my monitor for a while. Whenever I boot up my computer and start the monitor it seems to have trouble actually starting and just keeps blinking. When it works properly it's supposed to give me a blue green with philips written over it for ~5 seconds when I start the monitor and then just do its thing. What my monitor has been doing is give me this start up screen with the logo for 0.1 sec, just a quick flash, and then turn itself off again only to do the exact same thing again a few seconds later.

When I first encountered this problem I just randomly pulled out the hdmi and power cables and inserted them again until it decided to work. After a while of doing this it stopped working so I discovered that when pulling out the hdmi cable, the start up screen would stay for a couple of seconds before turning itself off again. This meant that I had enough time to press the buttons on the monitor to open up the settings and as long as I kept pressing these buttons to move around in the settings menu, the screen would actually stay on.

I tried everything I could think of in the settings, resetting the monitor etc. Nothing seemed to work though until I figured out that if I just kept the screen alive for ~30 seconds by pressing the buttons and then plug the hdmi cable back in. When I did this, one of two things would happen, either it would just continue doing its 0.1 sec blinks forever or it would keep doing the longer 2 sec blinks as when the hdmi wasn't connected.

When it kept doing these longer blinks after plugging the cable back in, after a few minutes of blinking it would always start working. It seemed as if I had a ~25% chance of making it "blink correctly" whenever I did this procedure so usually after doing it a few times the monitor would always start working. I did this for about 2 months and it wasn't too much of a hassle.

Today something changed though, the screen no longer gives me the longer blinks that allow me to pull up the setting menu when I remove the hdmi cable, it just keeps doing quick blinks whatever I do and I can't even make it stop without getting rid of the power as the screen can't be turned off unless it stays on for more than a fraction of a second.

I know this is a very weird issue and most likely won't get fixed, but has anyone experienced something similar or have an idea what could be causing this?

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