Western Digital Caviar Black


Jan 25, 2012
As we know western digital have Clavier black WD2001FASS hard drive.As it is the best in-brand series & it comes with the combination of SATA 3gb/s and 7200rpm.My question is that SATA 3gb/s represents what and what is the meaning of in brand series?
The 3gb/s refers to the data transfer rate from the hard drive buffer across the sata interface to the motherboard.

The value of 3gb for conventional hard drives is not large, since the data must come from/to a spinning platter which will be at much lower rates.
For a SSD, on the other hand, a 3gb or 6gb interface is most important for sequential operations.

As to what in-brand means, I don't know.
In brand series.
I believe it refers to the "green" vs "Blue" vs black - the black being the better of the 3.

The only real benifit of Sata III (6 gb/sec) on a SATA III port is the burst speed. This allows for a high transfer rate for a very short time. Does nothing to speed up sustained read/writes. Geofelt explained what the 3 gb meant
I believe it refers to the "green" vs "Blue" vs black...

^ Ahah! sounds right.

Black is the more expensive, higher performing drive. It is best used if you will only have a single drive for the OS.
Green is a slower, cooler and cheaper drive. It is a good choice for storage, and in conjunction with a fast SSD for the os.

Blue is in between.
Seagate is dropping their "green" as just not worth the performance hit vs $$$ saved (don't know if they even have a "Blue" model).

It seems that it is more common that problems are found with the "green" models - Maybe Just a perception.