What in the world is a sound card?


No a sound card is not required to put together a PC. Sound cards are what the name implies, it is a "card" dedicated to sound processing. The same as a Video card is to video.

Motherboards today have integrated audio, so a sound card is not nessicary. Though sounds cards can be capable of providing better audio quality then the integrated sound circutry found on motherboards. Granted, this boost in audio quality is not going to be noticable if you're using standard earphones or headsets.


Feb 5, 2010
cd dude is right

unless you have very good speakers or headphones then you wont notice the difference

some people just can't tell the sound difference between a £20 set of headphones and a £2000 set

remember you need high quality music/audio source to output to the soundcard or you are wasting your money.

the integrated sound card on the motherboard is good enough for most people.