[SOLVED] What psu/ watts for 2060 super and i7 9700F

Feb 3, 2022
I am trying to upgrade a prebuilt i have and the only part i now need is the power supply. My main components are https://pcpartpicker.com/user/wnbrn./builds/#view=mpq323

I want this to be the last upgrade i do with this pc so i want the psu to be reliable and last me a couple years. The main problem i’m having is deciding wether i need 550w or 650w; every where i’ve looked people always say different things.

I want the psu to be around £45 and so far i’ve found these psus on scan uk for that around that price :
Corsair (refurbished) cx650m (2017)£45
corsair (refurbished) cx750m(2021) £50
corsair cv650 £40
corsair cx550f £40
evga 650bq £45

( the refurbished ones are being sold on scan uk - they state that they are refurbished with factory corsair replacement parts)

Based on the cultist psu tier list the psus i am looking at rank at;

cx550f - tier b (gold / best in bracket)
cx650m - tier c (gold)
cv650 - tier c (gold)
600bq - tier c
cx750m(2021) - tier c low

I don’t know what one to choose as i feel like both the cx550f and cx750m are good deals for their price however they rank so differently on the tier list. It’s probably not good if i base what i buy solely on that tier list so i need your guys help.


Great advice already given above.

As applies to all components (maybe PSUs a bit more) cheap and reliable very rarely go together.

Specially in the case of PSUs they have to cut the cost of production by using cheaper design, components/SMDs and cheaper production line technology to lower the price. All this does not spell reliability.