Question What to look for in a PSU? Older one exploded

Aug 6, 2020
Hi! So the thing is, I was setting up my old gaming pc so my dad could use it to work from home, I was fixing some of the fans, cleaning it up, but accidentaly blew up the PSU (loud pop, sparks, and smell of burnt plastic, mistakes happen, please double check if it is unplugged before moving the voltage switch haha!)

It was a quite old PSU, a Thermaltake t2 500W. So I'm looking for a cheap new one (My dad will only be doing office work, he doesnt play games, so no need for insane power).

What should I be looking for? The cheapest one I found that I could grab in my town was a 650W CLIOS ATX for 12k CLP (around 15 USD)

Would this cheap PSU be a good buy? Specs below.

Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming motherboard

CPU: AMD FX 8350 Eight core 4.0Ghz

GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 (2 GB)


256GB SSD x2

500GB HDD x1

22' Screen x2

Thanks in advance!
What is your region? Chile? You need to look for a unit that has had professional reviews done, so that you can verify that they actually test within the atx standard. If no such thing exists, then it should state what topology it uses or what design the secondary rails use, this may be stated by the manufacturer or in a un-professional review.

You will not find a decent psu under 30,000 let alone 12,000. What matters here is quality, watts are irrelevant, a decent 450w psu should be fine. Here is a list you can cross check from.

There's quite a lack of stock, and I don't usually recommend this, but if the system is only office work, the evga BR would do. At the very least it has a dc-dc secondary.