What's your favourite video game you've been playing?

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Me and a friend of mine were looking for a new coop game and came across Phasmophobia and its a lot of fun if you get a good group (up to 4 players) together. Its got some good jump scares and escaping the hunt is fun. It can be played in either VR or PC and can be matches can be played together with both. VR does have a more immersive experience as well as being able to hold one more item but both experiences are a blast. The upside and downside is who you get paired with as some people are fun to play with while others can be annoying but I guess that kind of goes with any online gaming.
Feb 3, 2021
Oh thanks for the advice. I don't really like to play such games at all, because I'm a little afraid. But you intrigued me.
Been taking a bit of a break from GRID 2019 after trying in vain to beat the Night Endurance event. I started into Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood a few days ago, and it's a bit better than I anticipated. I am only playing on Normal difficulty my first play through, but still have struggled in some boss fights. I find the FOV and camera angles a bit claustrophobic and awkward at times. I'm also still trying to make sense of the controls and how they relate to the skills as well. The strange thing is, I get killed repeatedly in some boss fights, until I find a good way to tackle them, and after that, they usually go very quick.

The trick is to stay focused on Onawa, and keep her occupied so she can't lay down her hard to avoid ground attacks.

So back to GRID 2019, I went back and did better with the Night Endurance event, but with a slight change of difficulty settings.

The first event is Road Rumble in those God forsaken trucks. I couldn't for the life of me manage to even get better than the default starting position (14th) in the hotlap qualifying, but since it's a 3 round event, I wasn't worried about winning the first race, as I figured I could win at the other two venues and still win the event. The first race I managed to shoot up to 5th on the first turn, and even had 4th place for a sec or two. I ended up slipping way back and finishing at 10th though. It's just a chaotic race on the small Fountain Loop track at Barcelona, and has a lot of tough turns with scant room to pass. It's also hard as hell to keep the speed the AI does in the turns on Hard mode. It felt like a "rumble" indeed, with lots of contact. I forgot to capture the multiview replay of the first race, but it wasn't really worthy of one anyway.

The 2nd and easiest event was Night Terrors in the modified tuner class. It has the fairly easy Tunnel Run track in Shanghai, a rain soaked track at Zhejiang, and the high speed Druitt course in Australia. I struggled to get anywhere near a podium hotlap time at the Druitt track until I figured out where to trim a lot of time. It's a slight left/right bend in the middle of a fast section where you can really gain an edge.

As for the Night Endurance event, I tried and tried as I said to beat it on my usual Hard with default settings, but on the Okutama extended GP circuit at night, it's nigh impossible to get the same traction and turn speed the AI do on Hard with these Super Tourer cars, especially on keyboard, unless you bump the assists up 1. The other thing is, I scoured YouTube for all the posts uploaded of this event, and the only one that mentioned the difficulty setting (Hard, and his had the most views of all of them by far), showed lap times that were 5 sec slower than I was seeing. Sure he plays with no assists, which is commendable, but when I tried turning off assists, I saw the exact same lap times to beat (2.02 something to his 2.07 something). Note that 2.07 is far closer to what I see at Med AI settings (2.09), than Hard. My first setting change attempt was Med AI with lvl 1 assists, which was too easy. I then settled on Hard AI with lvl 4 assists. With this setting my lap times were very consistent with that of the AI in both hotlap and race. As I implied, these Super Tourers are pretty slippery handling vehicles, not unlike NASCAR cars. All bumping up the assists one lvl really does is make them handle such that you can maintain the same relative speed the AI do in turns, without losing traction. In fact you still have to drive a very precise line or you'll lose control, while the AI can easily swerve back and forth abruptly no problem, which is very nerve racking when they're right on your tail.

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Feb 4, 2019
HiTMAN III been playing the special missions and redoing some older missions in different ways, good times. F1 2020...Formula 1 is back baby, and its better than ever with DX12 and 4K.
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Here's another set of GRID 2019 vids, this time two classics and an open wheel event.

The first is the Classic Touring Cup at Silverstone, in the Alfa Romeo 155 TS. It's pretty easy once you get used to the handling of these old cars, and it grips surprisingly well even in the pouring rain.

The second is the F1000 Asian Tour Part 1 in the Jedi. These cars always amaze me with their speed and precision. The only real challenge here was the 2nd round on the rain soaked Sepang track in Malaysia. The 2nd race also made for the most exciting one of the first two events, with the lead changing 3 times.

The 3rd, and definitely the highlight for me, was the 1960s Face Off Part 1, again at Silverstone (though dry conditions), in the Ferrari 330 P4. This event was giving me fits at first. This car seems to feel slipperier on dry pavement than the Alfa Romeo 155 TS does in pouring rain. It can also go into a real bad off track swerve just unweighting as you take an S turn. This is why I ended up taking as straight a line as possible through the apexes and took mostly what the track would give me. I thought I was going to have to bump assists up one lvl to 4, and actually captured, edited and compressed a win that way. Then I decided to give it another go on the default Hard, with assists at lvl 3, and managed to do it. Regarding taking "mostly" what the track would give me, to clarify, I still maintained my policy of not allowing a full slide beyond an apron, insisting tires stay in contact not allowing the whole car to slide entirely past them. I even restarted my first win with level 3 assists because upon proof viewing the capture, I found I had slid entirely past an apron on a slow turn, which the game did not warn or penalize me for. After winning this event on full Hard mode, needless to say I was quite relieved and it felt very rewarding. I also after first hating that car grew to appreciate it, even though it needed babying a lot.

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it has been a while. nice to see some of the old crowd is still hanging around this thread.
over the year or so since last visiting, being the crazy year that it has, i've been through quite a few new good games and back through quite a bit more.

got the urge to finally finish Dark Souls 3, so played through DS1:Remastered & DS2(SotFS) again. though still haven't started up DS3 again yet...

The Surge was a great time. surprised i had never seen mention of it anywhere or ever heard of it until a friend turned me on to it. a very fun "Dark Souls style" sci-fi action\rpg.
started The Surge 2 but it was a stuttering clunky mess and too frustrating due to issues ingame. after a couple hours i've abandoned it.

have started Elex which is quite a bit dated but still pretty fun. i'm still picking it up for an hour or so every so often.

restarted and finished Kingdom Come: Deliverance. that was a great game with very fun melee combat and some interesting stories going on. the huge amount of interaction with NPCs everywhere made it very engrossing.

around October i got all of the available DLCs for Borderlands 3 and played through again. now they've added a bit more content with more to come, so am looking forward to playing again maybe later this year. those games crack me up and this one has some awesome battles and weapons.

when Peril On Gorgon came out i replayed The Outer Worlds and loved it again. some game updates and the added content made it an even better experience.

restarted and finally finished Far Cry 5 and still love the game.

also played through Fallout 4 again, heavily modded. another great time.
i noticed a few mentions of Fallout some pages back and the New Vegas: Wasteland. too bad it didn't come out when the game was still viable to me, it looks cool.
but, the very awesome Fallout news i've been following is the Fallout 4: New Vegas overhaul mod that is being developed.

i'm sure there's quite a few more that have just slipped my mind.
but the big deal for me was finally getting CyberPunk 2077.
i feel really bad for all of those that claim to be having such issues with the game. i had an awesome experience and loved the game. 130+hrs and i really didn't encounter many bugs or problems. some item\NPC clipping and some issues with dialogue but probably only a dozen or so all together through the entire game that were easily fixed by reloading saves. and i saved constantly so it never was a problem in itself.

a couple mods and a savegame editor made it an even better experience with fully customized keybindings and few other changes.
can't wait to finally get my hands on a new RTX card to replay with all of the settings pumped up.

am currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn. while it's fun enough to keep me going for now, it's definitely not the best game i've played recently. combat can be fun and some of the side quests are interesting but the main quest and main NPCs seem to be rather boring. also not really a ton of options for customization; while there's a few different versions of armor and weapons, they mostly just increase stats the more money they cost so there's really not much for different paths to take character stat-wise. i'm maybe a 3rd of the way through the game and have almost maxed out my leveled stats. so this also doesn't give a whole lot of options to customize your character towards a certain path of development.
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I just didn't like The Outer Worlds. It had potential and at first I liked it but I feel like the whole thing got tedious and boring after a while. I made myself finish it.

I need to do a modded Fallout 4 run. I've got nearly 450 hours over two playthroughs and it's finally been long enough I'd enjoy it again.

Currently playing Control which has grown on me. Which makes it sound like I didn't like it at first but I did. But now in the later game with all kinds of cool stuff unlocked it's great fun.
Hey JBG, good to see you back. I was worried you dropped off the face of the earth!

Can you tell me what mods you used in Far Cry 4, and if they were well optimized? Might want to have a look into those. While FC4 retail solved most of the problems people complained about with 3, especially HUD options, it's been a LONG time since I checked the mods for the game.
I need to do a modded Fallout 4 run. I've got nearly 450 hours over two playthroughs and it's finally been long enough I'd enjoy it again.
this was maybe my 4th or 5th playthrough. usually just around 100hrs on each run so probably right up there with you on hours spent.
Can you tell me what mods you used in Far Cry 4, and if they were well optimized?
it's Fallout 4, not Far Cry. and i don't have much of a list. most of the extra large ones i deleted the packages after installing so only have the files in the Data folder for those. but have quite a bit of the Creation Club content and 6-8 from Nexus still available if you'd still like a list of those plus a shot of the Data folder.

Currently playing Control which has grown on me. Which makes it sound like I didn't like it at first but I did. But now in the later game with all kinds of cool stuff unlocked it's great fun.
keep forgetting i have this game. when i first got it i played an hour or so and it was pretty good. some updates have been introduced and i kept meaning to get back to it when i finally got an RTX card. since that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon, i may start it back up again.
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it's Fallout 4, not Far Cry. and i don't have much of a list. most of the extra large ones i deleted the packages after installing so only have the files in the Data folder for those. but have quite a bit of the Creation Club content and 6-8 from Nexus still available if you'd still like a list of those plus a shot of the Data folder.
LOL, sorry, that's me in a groggy state this morn after only 4 hrs of sleep. I did however really enjoy FO4 as well, so yeah, if you could show me what mods you used for that, I'd appreciate it. Were they well optimized though, because I find many mods are not, and can cause a fair bit of lag?
...if you could show me what mods you used...
Creation Club content:

Anti-Materiel Rifle
Capital Wasteland Mercenaries
Captain Cosmos
Charlestown Condo
Cr-74L Combat Rifle
Fantasy Hero Set
Gunners vs. Minutemen
Home Decor Workshop Pack
Manwell Rifle Set
Neon Flats
Power Armor Paint Job - White
Quake Thunderbolt
Sentinel Control System Companion
Shroud Manor
Solar Cannon
Tesla Cannon
Vault Suit Customization
X-02 Power Armor
Zetan Arsenal
Nexus mods:

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer - v1.6-15-1-6
Craftable Armor Size-4550-1-3-0
Homemaker 1.34-1478-1-34
Legendary Modification-4042-1-75
Nanosuit 6.2-7451-6-2
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone-13283-1-1-1
ArmorKeywords - Main.ba2
ArmorKeywords - Textures.ba2
Armorsmith Extended - Main.ba2
Armorsmith Extended - Textures.ba2
Armorsmith Extended.esp
CBBE - Main.ba2
ccacxfo4001-vsuit - main.ba2
ccacxfo4001-vsuit - textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4001-PipBoy(Black) - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4001-PipBoy(Black) - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4003-PipBoy(Camo01) - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4003-PipBoy(Camo01) - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4004-PipBoy(Camo02) - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4004-PipBoy(Camo02) - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4006-PipBoy(Chrome) - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4006-PipBoy(Chrome) - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4016-Prey - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4016-Prey - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4018-GaussRiflePrototype - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4018-GaussRiflePrototype - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4019-ChineseStealthArmor - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4019-ChineseStealthArmor - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4020-PowerArmorSkin(Black) - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4020-PowerArmorSkin(Black) - Textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4033-powerarmorskinwhite - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4033-powerarmorskinwhite - textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4038-HorseArmor - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4038-HorseArmor - Textures.ba2
ccBGSFO4044-HellfirePowerArmor - Main.ba2
ccBGSFO4044-HellfirePowerArmor - Textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4046-tescan - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4046-tescan - textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4047-qthund - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4047-qthund - textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4048-dovah - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4048-dovah - textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4115-x02 - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4115-x02 - textures.ba2
ccbgsfo4117-capmerc - main.ba2
ccbgsfo4117-capmerc - textures.ba2
cceejfo4001-decorationpack - main.ba2
cceejfo4001-decorationpack - textures.ba2
ccFRSFO4001-HandmadeShotgun - Main.ba2
ccFRSFO4001-HandmadeShotgun - Textures.ba2
ccfrsfo4002-antimaterielrifle - main.ba2
ccfrsfo4002-antimaterielrifle - textures.ba2
ccfrsfo4003-cr75l - main.ba2
ccfrsfo4003-cr75l - textures.ba2
ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Main.ba2
ccFSVFO4001-ModularMilitaryBackpack - Textures.ba2
ccFSVFO4002-MidCenturyModern - Main.ba2
ccFSVFO4002-MidCenturyModern - Textures.ba2
ccgcafo4025-pagunmm - main.ba2
ccgcafo4025-pagunmm - textures.ba2
ccqdrfo4001_powerarmorai - main.ba2
ccqdrfo4001_powerarmorai - textures.ba2
ccrzrfo4002-disintegrate - main.ba2
ccrzrfo4002-disintegrate - textures.ba2
ccsbjfo4001-solarflare - main.ba2
ccsbjfo4001-solarflare - textures.ba2
ccsbjfo4002_manwellrifle - main.ba2
ccsbjfo4002_manwellrifle - textures.ba2
ccswkfo4001-astronautpowerarmor - main.ba2
ccswkfo4001-astronautpowerarmor - textures.ba2
cctosfo4002_neonflats - main.ba2
cctosfo4002_neonflats - textures.ba2
cczsef04001-bhouse - main.ba2
cczsef04001-bhouse - textures.ba2
cczsefo4002-smanor - main.ba2
cczsefo4002-smanor - textures.ba2
Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements.esp
Craftable Armor Size.esp
dD - Screen Blood Duration Medium.esp
dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
DLCCoast - Geometry.csg
DLCCoast - Main.ba2
DLCCoast - Textures.ba2
DLCCoast - Voices_en.ba2
DLCNukaWorld - Geometry.csg
DLCNukaWorld - Main.ba2
DLCNukaWorld - Textures.ba2
DLCNukaWorld - Voices_en.ba2
DLCRobot - Geometry.csg
DLCRobot - Main.ba2
DLCRobot - Textures.ba2
DLCRobot - Voices_en.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures01.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures02.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures03.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures04.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures05.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures06.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures07.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures08.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures09.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures10.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures11.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures12.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures13.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures14.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures15.ba2
DLCUltraHighResolution - Textures16.ba2
DLCworkshop01 - Geometry.csg
DLCworkshop01 - Main.ba2
DLCworkshop01 - Textures.ba2
DLCworkshop02 - Main.ba2
DLCworkshop02 - Textures.ba2
DLCworkshop03 - Geometry.csg
DLCworkshop03 - Main.ba2
DLCworkshop03 - Textures.ba2
DLCworkshop03 - Voices_en.ba2
EveryonesBestFriend - Main.ba2
Fallout4 - Animations.ba2
Fallout4 - Geometry.csg
Fallout4 - Interface.ba2
Fallout4 - Materials.ba2
Fallout4 - Meshes.ba2
Fallout4 - MeshesExtra.ba2
Fallout4 - Misc - Beta.ba2
Fallout4 - Misc - Debug.ba2
Fallout4 - Misc.ba2
Fallout4 - Nvflex.ba2
Fallout4 - Shaders.ba2
Fallout4 - Sounds.ba2
Fallout4 - Startup.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures1.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures2.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures3.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures4.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures5.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures6.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures7.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures8.ba2
Fallout4 - Textures9.ba2
Fallout4 - Voices.ba2
Homemaker - Main.ba2
Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp
K9TacticalHarness - Main.ba2
K9TacticalHarness - Textures.ba2
mk14 - Main.ba2
mk14 - Textures.ba2
Pip-Boy Flashlight - README.txt
Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
RU556 - Main.BA2
RU556 - Textures.BA2
TrueStormsFO4 - Main.ba2
TrueStormsFO4 - Textures.ba2
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Main.ba2
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch - Textures.ba2
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.modgroups
Vivid Fallout - All in One - 2k - Textures.BA2
Vivid Fallout - All in One - 2k.esp
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone - Main.BA2
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone - Textures.BA2
WM Chinese Assault Rifle - Standalone.esp
should be most of what i had installed though i've removed a lot of the larger files since playing. and the Data folder has some odd names for some files so it may be difficult to discern what mods they actually pertain to.

always got good fps and no issues with mod content.
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Besides the miserable ending from the original Rage, everything leading up to it was a blast for me so i can forgive the poor ending. Still play it over from time to time. Rage 2 was alright, don't see myself replaying it.

Recently been playing Wolf3D with ewolf mod, up to last episode. Finished Doom 1 (4 episodes) & 2, working on Doom 2 expansions TNT atm and then Plutonia next. Running Doom games through Doomsday engine with OpenGL.

Another game i used to play a lot in the ol days and brought to Steam last yr was Elasto mania, a maze game on a Motorbike.

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Win 10 Master
Not actually playing anything. I could buy Journey on PC but I already played it on PS3 & PS4, I don't want to play it to death.

Last game I lost myself in again was Torchlight 2, I have 1300 hours of it on Steam. Last played it in Sept, Tried its sequel but it was not the same.
Good to see you back, JBG.
Journey, its obvious if you played the game.
I really should play Journey one of these days. It's one of those games I've always wanted to play if I ever got a Playstation. But now it's on PC too.

Rage 2 currently free @ Epic Games Store.
started playing when it first came out and didn't ever get much into it. loved the original though.
I had played a little bit of this game at my cousin's. I thought the gunplay was cool. It was fast paced and kind of reminded me of the new Doom games. I also heard it's not worth spending too much time on as the story is very bare bones and the open world is not very good.

I've got some bad news on the PC side. My Crucial M.2 SSD suddenly died out of the blue. I was playing Forza Horizon 4 and my PC just shut itself off. There was no power outage or anything at the time. When I restarted, I saw the message that it couldn't find an OS. My BIOS doesn't read the SSD anymore either. Luckily, I have 2 other HDDs in there with Windows on one so I booted to it. As far as data loss goes, the SSD only had Windows and some of my games (including Cyberpunk). I had been routing all the downloads, documents, etc data to my HDDs anyway which was a good idea looking back...
So yeah, Cyberpunk is effectively on hold for me right now. I hadn't been playing it frequently either (maybe once a week). I'm probably not going to redownload it anytime soon.
The SSD is still under warranty so I'm taking it to a nearby service center next week.

On the PS4, I've bought the infamous Last of Us Part II. So far, the game has been really engaging for me. I don't have many complaints. I can see why the hardcore fans are super angry story wise though. Is it enough to call it a really bad game? I don't think so...
The graphics and animations are just stellar! Gunplay too, is just so dynamic and very fun in a gruesome way...
I've barely reached halfway in this game and I've already put 15 hours or so. By this time, I had finished the first Last of Us game but it seems this one is much much longer...


Oh man. Hope you get a new drive. Crucial is pretty good usually.

I've got a little under a gig of RAGE II finishing up downloading as I type this. Just finished the main story of Control and started the final DLC. Great game. Out of absolutely nowhere there's like 7 or 8 minutes in Control that are just amazing. The Ashtray Maze for anyone that's played it.
Here's another set of GRID 2019 events. I'll call this one Soup Truck, because it's Super Tourers, Super Modifieds, and Trucks. This time it was more a slight problem with GeForce Experience than the slippery handling Super Tourers and Trucks that was bothersome. Unfortunately I hadn't discovered the cause of the problem until I captured all of the Super Tourer event, and 3 of the 4 Truck races. Once I rolled back GFE to 3.20, the problem went away. It's a fairly slight problem like I said, but was pretty noticeable to me. See if you can notice it, you may very well not.

The Spy Super Tourers City Cup takes place at San Fran, Shanghai, and Havana, and only the rain soaked San Fran race was difficult.

The Pro Trucks Eastern Tour takes place at Sepang, Sydney, Zhejiang, and Okutama. They can all be a bit tricky, and require patience and finesse to handle certain turns at speed, but the rain soaked Sydney track was by far the hardest.

The Super Modified Asia event takes place in Shanghai, Okutama, Zhejiang, and Okutama. The first Okutama race is the short circuit, the 2nd is the A to B sprint. Only the rain soaked race at Zhejiang was really a challenge, quite a bit so in fact. That track is very hard to keep your speed up on, especially in the rain. The highlight for me though was the Okutama Sprint. I've often struggled with that track in past games, but after getting in a rhythm, I was able to put in some pretty good times. At the completion of these 3 events, I also reached player level 50, which awards you the Pro Driver Accolade. Not sure if that will mean more stiff competition though, since I'm still playing on Hard mode.

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Hmm, still to this day I play GTA and COD, these are the GOAT mate
Suffice it to say, everyone has their own way of getting their GOAT on. I used to like GTA and CoD, but since they started making the stories and characters in GTA more silly than interesting, and since CoD became more about DRM and multiplayer, with a tacked on, extremely short SP campaign, I've lost interest.
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I finished The Last of Us Part II. I really liked this game. I was very skeptical going into it from all the controversy that was surrounding it and it sweeping the floor at TGA2020. But I have to say, I was really surprised. There are some incredible moments in this game that just caught me off guard. I suppose the devs were planning to have this reaction from all their fans when they played it but it's very evident that this was not the case. Half the fanbase or more are still outraged about the direction the story went and its introduction of new characters and sidelining the old ones.

Me on the other hand had a blast playing it and thought the new characters had all the right amount of backstory and detail to make me care about them. This is why this game hit me on a different level than most other fans. Gameplay wise there are some good improvements with the addition of prone and jump. They really do make the game feel more dynamic during combat or stealth. They also have some cool new weapons this time. I always felt the original was lacking a lot in terms of gameplay but it made up all the cons with the incredible and consistent writing. TLOU2 on the other hand is like a rollercoaster. The writing is a more inconsistent but still hit really hard, at least for me. Puzzles are also much better here in TLOU2 whereas I absolutely hated all the ladder puzzles from the original. I just wish TLOU2 had more of those good puzzles though. They had a really good rope system in the game which is used like 2-3 times the whole game. It is such a shame...

I personally think this DOES deserve the GOTY for 2020. I still haven't played Ghost Of Tsushima though so I'll make that decision after playing it.
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