[SOLVED] Where to buy a LTE (4G) modem for an HP laptop?

Aug 21, 2020

I’d like to integrate a LTE (4G) modem to my HP Zbook G5 laptop.

HP gave me the modem refs : Intel (Fibocom) XMM 7360 LTE L15398-001 (last reference seems to be HP part number). It’s not sold directly by HP.

A Google search on “Intel XMM 7360 LTE sends me to Intel website where XMM 7360 LTE seems to be a platform. What I understand, maybe I’am wrong, is that vendors can customize their devices based on this platform. Of course, you cannot buy directly from Intel (https://www.intel.fr/content/www/fr...cts/mobile-communications/xmm-7360-brief.html).

I found a the Fibocom XMM 7360 LTE at Dell (of course without the HP part number) at 119,99 € (https://www.dell.com/fr-fr/shop/intel-xmm-7360-lte-advanced/apd/555-bfko/mise-en-réseau)

On Amazon, I have XMM 7360 LTE L15398-001 at 265,38 € (https://www.amazon.fr/HP-WWAN-XMM-7360-LTE-Advance/dp/B079QJLJ3B)

On INMAC STORE I found a XMM 7360 LTE L15398-001 at 211,49 € (https://www.inmac-wstore.com/hp-xmm-7360-modem-cellulaire-sans-fil-4g-lte/p7198955.htm)

On AliExpress, with the HP part numbermany offers starting at 27$ 1€~1$)... (https://fr.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-wwan module hp.html).

Beside the delivery delay, I am quite astonished by the prices difference

Do you think that Dell’s LTE module is exactly the same as the one branded by HP, and would you by Dell’s?Would you trust AliExpress’s marketplace enough to buy there?

Thanks a lot for your answer.