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  1. D

    Question Rtx 2080 ti cable extention

    I am looking to buy a sleeved cable for my pc, but I have an RTX 2080 ti and want to get a cable extension for it. I know it is a dual 8 pin connector, but I don't which one to buy, so if someone can recommend a black extension cable for my RTX 2080 ti that would be great. Thank you.
  2. Question Bug? Word pops up by itself on Amazon's search bar in Chrome.

    Whenever I visit, on Chrome or Brave, the word "abs" always pops up on Amazon's search bar by itself. I already used CCleaner to clean all cookies, and Chrome's built-in feature for cleaning passwords, cookies, history, etc., but nothing makes "abs" stop popping up on my screen. I...
  3. R

    Question Got an unkown device attached to my physical Lan and can't find it?

    While reviewing my linksys router setting and looking at the attached devices, I found the following device attached to my physical LAN: amazon-2160cf670, 00:01:5C:96:08:46,, LAN The only device plugged into my router is my computer, everything else is wireless. This address or...
  4. S

    Question Any 9th Generation Motherboard in White?

    Does anyone know if there's any 9th gen white motherboards out there? like the one in the example cause am going for an all white theme and wanting to use the i9 9900K but sadly the motherboard i was gonna buy doesn't support 9th gen :/ Example...
  5. H

    Question PC for Game streaming.

    I want to make a PC for Streaming on YouTube and twitch , GAMING , CODING & Pen testing. My budget is 250,000 INR . I am from India. Use website Or For products like Monitor ,Mouse , keyboard, Streaming camera , mic/Headphones etc My Budget is 60,000 INR...
  6. W

    Question Knock-off graphics cards danger?

    So I recently found this on Amazon being sold by a dude with a brand new seller page selling an odd variety of stuff: View...
  7. I

    I downclock my cpu to a minimum and still can't play my NBA 2k18, GTA 5, PUBG etc.

    So, i started overclocking like 2 months ago without an issue at all and this pc is new and was build like 5 months ago and the problem started like a week ago when i was playing nba and pubg fine and suddenly my pc hangs and crashes and now it got worse cause instant crash even in the lobby...
  8. Reflectingglory

    Question Card to pair with monitor

    Hi guys, love coming here; best place for help! I just received an ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2070 OC and I need to pair it with a pc monitor. I plan on gaming in 1440p I did find an AOC 1440p 144hrtz monitor but I’m wondering this...can’t I just get a 4K monitor and lower it to 1440p if I want ...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] Mixing and Matching Case fans?

    Is it okay to use different case fans in a pc case? Is it compatible and will there be any possible issues besides aesthetically? My friend may be gifting me one or a few corsair ll120's, though I do not want to get more to fit the rest of the build (way too expensive), just wondering if I can...
  10. L

    Question Is this pc good for 2019 1080p gaming?

    Hi I want to ask if this pc can handle like bf 5 pubg rust med-high settings 60fps? And can I overlock cpu and gpu is 450w enough? CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: Zotac AMP Edition 1060 6 GB RAM: 16 GB 2x8 HyperX Fury Black 2933 mhz MTB: GIGABYTE B450M DS3H SSD: WD Green 240 GB SATA 2.5 PSU: EVGA 450...
  11. F

    Question Extreme lag need help

    Just bought a new pc, on csgo I get around 300 to 400 FPS mostly. on fortnite when I first started, I would get solid FPS, i then replaced my 60hz monitor for 75 making it a lot smoother for me and it felt amazing, I then set up the 60hz as my second monitor, and now my main monitor doesn’t...
  12. K

    Question i installed windows on a ssd and i have the windows on the hdd too

    it says it all on the title please help
  13. H

    Question Will Windows 10 recognize two different audio devices on one audio splitter?

    Was just wondering if an audio splitter would recognize both my headphones and speakers individually even though the splitter is just using the single port. Also, would I be able to switch back and forth from my headphones to speakers or vice versa just from one audio splitter? When I was using...
  14. H

    Question PC power flickering under load

    I am kind of new to PC and I built a hard line water cooling loop that is really clean. The only issue was that I forgot an oring to the GPU and leaked water right over the psu and GPU 2 times looking for where a small leak was. I found the leak and used silicone because it still leaked with an...
  15. C

    Question I am getting a MOBO CPU LED light after i have installed a Ryzen 5 2600x

    MSI A320M Grenade MOBO G SKillz 2 x 4 GB sticks 2400 Ryzen 5 2600x - new piece AMD XFX 580 Black 2 SSD's Everything worked up until i changed the CPU - per the MSI page for the MOBO the CPU is compatible with all components. I replaced the CPU from an AMD A8-9600 to the Ryzen5 2600x
  16. W

    Question Low FPS Low GPU and CPU usage GTA Online

    So i've been playing gta recently and in story mode i get from 90 to 120 FPS average on medium high settings, with 40-50% GPU usage and 40-70% CPU usage. On solo online sessions i get 40-80 FPS with 20-40% GPU usage and 40-50% CPU usage... On public full sessions I get 30-60 FPS average even...
  17. I

    would you buy a car with THIS - CarFax?

    my main question is to understand how to read such CarFax - View: (backup as a PDF ) accident 1 accident 2 hmm left, front, right - this would suggest a serious collision? accident 3 hmmm what do you think of these? seller got...
  18. L

    Question Mobo stuck

    So recently I have upgraded my bios to a newest version and over time Ive heard beeping coming out from the inside of a pc. After reading online I thought it might be because of the bios update. So later on I tried to downgrade my bios which is not possible at least in easy way. I tried and...
  19. deaf to light

    Question RGB Controller on Cooler Master Masterbox K500

    Hi, I have a question about the RGB controller switch that comes with the Cooler Master Masterbox K500. So it comes with a switch that has a button. The instructions included are terrible, but luckily I came across this link, which shed a LITTLE light on things. So it says you can use the...
  20. D

    Question Should i purchase an i7 8700K or an i7 9700K?

    I'm currently looking to build a new pc. But i'm not sure which cpu i should buy. I'm more gaming oriented, and i'm looking for the best performance. At the moment the 9700K is cheaper, for me.