Oct 31, 2011
So i am down to the wire on deciding which card to get.

I dont play games that often but i like to use autocad and solidworks. I mostly program games for work and build misc crap for clients. This doesnt mean i dont enjoy a game once in a while when i get my hands on one.

So what do you think? (i like a very quite graphics card)

This card looks very nice but is kinda expensive

This card is more my budget (meaning i can buy another monitor or two if i get it)

Or another suggestion?

Forgot to mention, i use 3 - 4 monitors at work...
I have an engineering consulting firm and we run AutoCAD on every box. We are strictly an nVidia shop because if the performance of ATI cards in 2D drafting especially has historically been disappointing. Of course, after a pressure filled day, there's nothing like blasting of a few monster heads to chill out.

We use mostly single or dual monitor setups so I can't speak to your 4 monitor situation. Also when gaming, we have 1 screen with the game and the other for browsers or whatever else wee need up at the time.

We don't utilize Solidworks but those that do are mostly using CUDA enabled Quadro cards.

You can enable CUDA on any nVidia card with a little trick here:

If that's the way ya wanna go....for the best bang for the buck, I'd recommend the factory overclocked GTX 560's

Hello... Look for a true rear exhaust cooling 460/560 card... Single far rear mounted Fan Cage design... "Nvidia refence Design" these GPU's are very cool running, and will run about only 33% fan speeds... and cool your whole case down too!!!

But my research, has found that 3 monitors will take 2 cards... and it seems ATI has the Multi-monitor solutions better handled for 4 monitor usage.