Which CPU is better choice? 4790k or 4690k


Aug 21, 2016
Hello guys when i just bought the card graphic the palit 1070 finally i noticed once that i have bottleneck with 4590 for example Dragon Age Inquisition , Lord of the fallen and in Dragon Dogma which i saw in tab Manage Processes in Windows 10 Pro that Cpu is going on 99% for example i want to see a walkthrough video on youtube for a game when i click ctrl and tab to get out from game not just to close it i open a video and it's stuck and also have green color on video when somehow it's stuck and don't responsive which i was really right about that 4590 is not so as strong as they say when i saw the video with a guy the same card graphic i have he said the same thing but i don't know what cpu is worthy here in Greece which i'am 4690k is little cheaper 250eyros and 370euros 4790k now i guess it's worthy to go for i7 because i will do an overclock in case i have an 1070 in 3 months which i planning to order it i can't stay with bottleneck so longer i guess i notice a little poor hiqh quality in the screen not so big absolutely nothing but i saw that somehow because bottleneck i don't planning to change socket so better on 1150 i don't find the way for changing socket it little useless for me maybe what about you? any help


The difference between the 4690k and 4590 is only a few %, they're nearly identical CPUs. Older games will not use the i7's extra threads, but you'll notice zero difference changing from one i5 to another of the same generation.

A slightly slow CPU will not cause the game to "stick" or display weird colors, to me that's indicative of another problem entirely.

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