I enjoy gaming with games like Crysis Warhead and Cod6. I am interested in the best CPU for gaming. My thoughts are between a phenom II 955, core i5 or core i7 920.
I got this deal between my friends and I. We periodically rotate graphics cards between our 3 (radeon 3870, radeon 4850 and radeon 5850). This week I have the 3870. Next week I will have the 4850. We also have a third friend who is considering joining us. He has two 5870s in crossfire. So my question is which CPU should I pick from a performance standpoint for those games?

On a side note, although I have the money, I am curious as to if the performance difference between the core i7 920 and the phenom II 955 is worth the extra money?


te Phenom II 955 and 7 920 perform similarly maybe a few FPS lower on the Phenom ( around 2-3 5 max)

if you want get rid of any chance of a bottleneck then go with the i7 for when you have the 5870s in CF

but the Phenom II 955 won't give you any noticeable difference in eye candy


Nov 27, 2008
i7 will be more for future proofing. Phenom II 955 should handle 5870 crossfire pretty well, especially if you OC it.

I'd get an i7 tbh, it would last you quite a bit longer, and I think is worth the price.

If you have an AM3 mobo already (says your config) that you would use then I'd just go the Phenom II route. That can run a 5970 well (when overclocked especially) and your mobo is stuck with a single PCI-E it looks like.


Aug 15, 2006
it depends as to when will u upgrade your processor after this upgrade. but yesterday i was looking at the benchmarks and if u only play games and no other thing then i say go for the core i5 i dont remember the exact model of it but it had the same speed as of core i7 920. in games core i5 was faster than core i7 920. but in other benches i7 920 was faster. i suggest to stick with intel as currently intel has better processors to offer. overall if i were you then i would have gone with core i7 920 D0 version. hope i helped.