Question Which one? i3 9100f or i7 2600k?

Apr 16, 2020
So, i've a plan to do an upgrade. Basically for playing Triple A games at least for medium graphics and have a good lifespan. I've an old board of intel DH61WW and i5 3330 processor. Which i want to upgrade. And funnelling my decision to i7 2600k without changing my Motherboard or i3 9100f and of course change all of my Motherboard and stuff.

I've done a search too in a web comparing between these things in Game Debate but it come to a result where i3 9100f isn't good for gaming.

TL;DR: I need a procie between i7 2600k and i3 9100f. Which one is better?

PS: If you recommend me about AMD go ahead and please put processor and best pairing Motherboard with. Any answer i appreciate, thanks in advance
If doing an upgrade to play modern AAA games and have some future headroom I’d be looking at a minimum of a 6 core 12 thread cpu (like mdd1963 suggests). I’m not a fan of the current i5’s with only 6 threads as they are already showing they are pushed very hard in a few games. If budget allows a 3600, MSI B450 Tomahawk Max and 2x8gb 3000 to 3600mhz DDR4 RAM would be an excellent base to build a system which should serve you well for many years. Otherwise go with the 1600AF or 2600 which are still very good options.
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