Question Which resolution should i run Uncharted in on a ps5 connected to a 1440p monitor for best image quality?


Aug 20, 2017
Hey People, could you please help answer a question of mine? I own a 1440p lg 27gl850 monitor with 4K downscaled to 1440p support, and i own a ps5.
I upgraded uncharted to the ps5 version and i am questioning if there really is a real difference between running the game in fidelity mode or performance mode.
As i understand it, fidelity mode renders a 4K resolution which downscales by either the ps5 or monitor (not sure) to 1440p. While performance mode renders a 1440p resolution which gets upscaled to 4K and then downscaled to 1440p again.
I have Tried testing both modes and i Think i see a sharper image on fidelity mode, but i dont know if it is just placebo.
I know i get better framerates on performance but i just want to know how different these options are (if different at all) on a 1440p monitor and which option looks best.
Thank you :)