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  1. M

    Question Black screen when starting up a game.

    For the past 3 weeks now when ever I start up a game the screen turns black, this never used to happen before, its all most like when the pc change's the resolution it fails to display the correct resolution and instead just display's a black screen. now the monitor doesn't turn off, the...
  2. P

    Question Low Hz and Resolution on Boot Up

    This problem started a few months ago. My GPU is an RTX 2080 XC ULTRA, and my monitor is a BenQ XL2420TE (1080p, 144hz). A few months ago, my computer crashed, where the monitor turned off, but it sounded like the audio was still going (through the headphones), and it wouldn’t respond to me...
  3. D

    Question Will Virtual/Dynamic Super Resolution work for me?

    I need to get a budget-ish laptop for doing web design. I'm used to 2k desktop monitors and could really use a 2k on laptop for the extra workspace, but they don't fit into the 'budget' category. I was looking at something like ASUS VivoBook M513UA which is Full HD. It's a Ryzen laptop, so I...
  4. A

    Question Wrong monitor resolution in Valorant ?

    Laptop : Acer a515-51g Graphics card: Nvidia Mx150 (471.96 driver version) Integrated graphics: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 ( I bought an external monitor few months back (Acer vg240ys - upto 165 hz amazon link for specs). The monitor has two hdmi 2.0 ports and 1 dp port. My laptop...
  5. Raikko Kiminen

    Question Is there a way to change 16:9 to 21:9?

    Hello, I recently came across "Linus Tech Tips" video in which they used a 16:9 monitor and somehow created a widescreen effect 21:9 by adding black bars top and bottom. Is that possible to do on any 16:9 monitor somewhere in settings (system or game) and how to do it? I understand the screen...
  6. Z

    Question 1080p 144hz or 1440p 60hz or both for dual monitors?

    I'm going into CS for university and wanted to set up dual monitors, but I'm having trouble finding the right pair. Some stuff to let you guys know: I'm planning on playing games that range from intensive games like Warzone to light games like Valorant. Also, with the expensive GPU's because of...
  7. I

    Question My Moniter has 3k Quality?

    This is my Monitor This is the 3k quality View: I don't ever recal installing a program that forces high resolution, or any resolution modifier in the matter, but for some reason the...
  8. I

    Question Is it possible to downgrade Screen? Yoga 720 15lkb

    Hello guys, here I have a strange request. Here is the condition: I get a 4K version of Lenovo Yoga 720-15lkb with 4k UHD screen for 3 months. Originally I was planning to use it for light gaming, but 4k UHD resolution does many problems on my (not well considered) plan. Now the screen shows a...
  9. KaylaJane

    [SOLVED] Help understanding the limits of my screens resolution

    Hello to everyone, I hope you are all well, free from any strong consequence from this pandemics situation. I have a second screen which is a SHARP TV MODEL LC-60UQ17U, Which if I understand correctly withstands 4K resolution @120-240Hz, as I can see this on the menu: Connected to it, I...
  10. G

    Question Monitor native resolution issue

    I just found out that playing in a res lower than native highly affects graphics ,so when I tried to change it to native ,it didn't show up on win10 settings ,and when I try to I install driver of monitor(dell e1914h)it says monitor connected is "AGO plug and play"and drivers found"e1914h"...
  11. T

    Question How to exceed max resolution?

    Hi. Is there a way to exceed my old's lcd screen 1280 x 1025 max resolution, on windows 10 - 64 bit? Nothing extreme but I would like to go for a 4:3 1440 x 1080 (or around that area) for a particular program that needs it to work properly. I know more modern screens are cheap and mine is...
  12. Avik Basu

    [SOLVED] Can a monitor show more resolution than its limit?

    It's a weird question, I know. I have a Dell IN2020M monitor and ever since I bought it I had connected it to my GPU using VGA through a VGA-to-DVI converter that I had gotten with an XFX GPU. The monitor's specs show that its maximum resolution is 1600x900. Now, yesterday I bought a VGA-to-HDMI...
  13. G

    Question QHD & FHD in duplicate mode?

    Hi! I have 2 1080p monitors in duplicate mode. I want to replace one of the two with a new 1440p monitor but keep them in duplicate mode. Will it work, or it will downscale the 1440p scale monitor to 1080p?
  14. K

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Monitor

    Hello, I am currently debating if I should upgrade my monitor setup to feature two 1440p monitors. In my current setup I would be replacing the 1080p S271HL Dbid with or Thermaltake Core V71 Extreme Full Tower...
  15. corvusdominus

    [SOLVED] 1440 - 27 or 32" Monitor

    After some research on monitors I still need help coming to a conclusion (or choice) on purchasing a 27 or 32" monitor, both are 1440. Pixel density is greater on a 27 vs. a 32", and I want to know if a 27 would be easier for text or the larger would partly be the same regarding noticing the...
  16. VulpHex

    [SOLVED] Jumping from 1366x768 to 1920x1080 monitor, GTX 1070 performance

    Hi, Im currently using a 1366x768 monitor usually playing most games on ultra or custom high presets achieving 60fps ( 60hz ) on AAA games. I was thinking of buying a new monitor and got worried about the performance loss and FPS penalty of using a higher resolution monitor. I know PPI is...
  17. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] OS res vs In-game res - Which am I seeing?

    -I have a 4k native tv I use as my monitor. -I have windows set to 1440p res so I can use 120hz refresh rate. Question: If I set a game to 4k then am I actually seeing 4k resolution or does the Win10 display res override that?
  18. pmz94

    Discussion 1080p is obsolete?

    Most people do gaming at 1080p, also Steam surveys confirms that 65% of gamers do it on 1080p. But marketing says 1080p is not mainstream anymore because nowdays there's 1440p and 4K as the new standard. Even new hardware, new games (especially AAA), benchmarks, and reviews focuses a little bit...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Which gaming monitor to buy??

    Hi everyone. I will be buying a gaming monitor veey soon and want some advice. My pc has an rtx 2060 super and I7 9700K and 32gb ddr4. I want to play on 4k, basically I want to know which monitor you all think is best, I want 32inch minimum and would like 120hz or above and gsync. Also do you...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] MSI BIOS Resolution Incorrect with DisplayPort

    I have an MSI Meg X570 Unify Motherboard and an NVIDIA 2080Ti GPU. I have two monitors that only take HDMI input, so I bought 2 DisplayPort->HDMI cables. However in BIOS, the resolution is way too low, causing it to be unusable (text is randomly placed all over on top of other text, buttons...
  21. L

    Question BIZARRE - 3090 - Stuttering / hitching at lower resolutions but fine at higher resolutions. plz halp.

    So I had 2080 and I'm fortunate (/ silly enough) to have upgraded to a 3090. I've noticed a very odd thing happening when playing nearly all games at high (144) fps: Shadow of Tomb Raider & Forza Horizon 4 to name a couple: The amount of stuttering which was noticeable with my 2080 has actually...
  22. D

    [SOLVED] Cant display 4k 60hz

    Here is the hardware I am using: TCL 43DP628 43-Inch 4K EVGA 1080ti AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI 2.0 Cable 7.5M I have been through both EVGA's specification as well as TCL's to confirm that they are both using HDMI 2.0/B and I am using the latest NVIDIA drivers. I know a 7.5m isn't ideal but I...
  23. V

    [SOLVED] Monitor Help! 1440p @165Hz & 1ms OR 4K @60Hz & 4/5ms

    Hey Guys, I am about to build myself a brand new gaming pc (super excited) just waiting for the Ampere launch and things should start to get in motion. However, not sure what to do about my monitor. I am aiming to get a 3080 so am definitely looking at upgrading from my current 1080p 144hz...
  24. painnncsgo

    Question i cant change my resolution to 1080x1920

    i cant change my res above 1650x1050 i want to keep my res at 1080x1920 on desktop i just bought this pc installed drivers all of it chipsets stuff but still i cant go above 1650x1050 on the side it says (recommended) plz help <3
  25. A

    [SOLVED] Conversion of Sensitivity from old monitor to new.

    I used to game at my old monitor 18.5 inches (768x1280) at 500 dpi and in game sensitivity of 0.94 in Valorant. Now, I have bought a new 23.6 inches monitor (1080x1920). I have same 500 dpi so how should I calculate my new in game sensi in valorant so I get same accuracy as my previous monitor...
  26. A

    Question Dual monitors: mixing different resolutions

    I currently have two 24" 1080p monitors, and am thinking about replacing one with a larger and higher resolution screen, probably a 27" 4k or 1440p. My graphics card should be able to handle it. This is for work, I'm not a gamer. My question is whether having 2 screens of different...
  27. E

    [SOLVED] all of my games if put at 1080p resolution lags, but when its reduced it gets a lot smoother

    here are specs : FX 8300 RX 470 4GB 12GB DDR3 1600MHZ 500GB HDD 500W PSU every single of my game lags everytime i put the resolution at 1080p but when i put it on 1050p the game goes smooth again however in both cases the FPS is always above 60 but it feels like its at 30fps. games tested ...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] Asrock B450 Steel Legend - Ryzen 5 2400G - Connecting to 55 inch Mi Tv 4k - 4K resolution not working

    I am trying to connect my pc to 55 inch Mi Tv 4k via the HDMI port on both pc and TV When I try to set the resolution to 4k, I get a black screen. If I set to 1080 its working. My pc Specs are, Ryzen 5 2400G Asrock B450 Steel Legend 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RAM Windows 10 Pro TV Specs are, 4K HDR...
  29. gamerbrehdy

    [SOLVED] HDMI or USB-C for 34” ultrawide?

    So my current setup consists of 2 24,5” iiyama blackhawks connected to my computer. But I’m getting an ASUS Zenbook Duo for my upcoming mechatronics study. I have two desks: one for my gaming pc, and another slightly bigger one for work, school, soldering and so on. To complete my study setup, I...
  30. K

    Question Strange transparent rectangles appearing on applications

    Hello all. I had my PC built a few weeks ago, but quickly I discovered a problem- whenever I opened up any application (chrome, geforce experience, etc) on windows, these transparent and grey rectangles will appear- moving my mouse cursor to the overlay they appeared on makes them go away, then...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] Picture quality oriented budget monitor?

    Hi, I am looking for a monitor under 20k INR that's roughly 260 USD. I have AMD RX570 graphics card. I like to play games once in a while but I don't recognize myself as a gamer. Currently I am using lg-22MP56HQ-S which is quite old and has this dirty yellowish tinge which I hate. I want to...
  32. vistagamer6969

    Question Broken display

    Hello! So today I found my old laptop (fujitsu amilo li 2727 ms2228) and I tried powering it on. My screen is black with 3 white lines on it. Now I tried using my 1080p monitor to see if it boots but when I plug in the VGA cable and power on the monitor it says "Cannot display this video mode...
  33. R

    Question How to DISABLE/Delete in-built screen from windows ??!

    How can you disable/delete your in-built screen, from windows without touching anything on the MB, in order for OS to not see more than one monitor connected. ?! Reason i want to do it: My laptop's screen is broken (In-built screen doesn't exist/not plugged - Windows just detects it from...
  34. Twinsmatic

    [SOLVED] Can you use a Lower Resolution Monitor than your PC resolution

    So , I sold my 900p monitor and bought a 1280x1024 Dell Monitor but I forgot that my pc resolution is still set on 900p , so , will the pc resolution adapt to the monitor resolution (1280×1024) ?
  35. T

    Notebook with 1280x720 HD?

    Im planning on buying a this acer notebook :Aspire 5 a515-43-r5qw-1, in the official acer page says its full hd but where im planning of buying says its 1280x720HD, who should i trust? It is the exact same model, in the page of acer it redirects me to the site im planning to buy it, also i...
  36. G

    Question Change resolution

    I have amd GPU and AMD Adrenalin 20.2.1 .My display resolution is 1366x768,but its set as 1080p on adrenalin.How to set it to 1280x720 ,because its very compicated .SEE HERE-
  37. P

    [SOLVED] MSI Optix G24c 2160p

    Hey guys, I've had the Optix monitor since last summer and am trying to get it back to settings I used to have it at. I know it's a 1080 monitor but I HAVE been able to get it to run at 2160p before, at 60hz. But I am unable to do so now. I went under the AMD Radeon Settings because I have...
  38. C

    Question Signal input out of range when Rust game is launched

    Hey all. Just found the site. Hope someone can help. When I try to run the game Rust off of my steam app, the game launches as normal but a few seconds after entering the loading screen the screen cuts black and says. "SignaI input out if range". It says the signal I’m supposedly using and...
  39. G

    Question High resolution

    My native resolution is 1366x768 or so i think,but my pc i can set 1080p on it,I'm not sure about change in quality but my fps drops so much,is it possible that my monitor is actually 1080p or its just the GPU running game at 1080p but monitor displaying at 1366x768?
  40. S

    Question 1080p not showing up

    So i've had this problem for a while. my monitor is 2560x1080 and it ran fine on my old setup. I upgraded and now I notice that text looks very slightly blurry, and some images are pixelated. My GPU, Monitor, MoBo and CPU drives are all up to date, Adrenalin2020Ver says i'm running at 1080p...