Oct 9, 2008
I'm currently looking at these 2 computers from NewEgg.


I know the one has a better video card, but is it $110 better?
Other than the video card I don't see much difference in the 2 computers, anyone see anything I missed?

I'm not looking to SLI this in the future so the fact that it only has 1 PCI express slot is fine.

I know I could probably build something for the same price or less, but I don't have the time right now.
You can find 9800GTX+ and GTX260 cards for about $55 difference in price.

You might be able to find a good deal on the CyberPowerPC website; a lower model CPU and a GTX260 would still be a great gaming system.

Or you could visit the MWave site. For $79 they'll install and test the individual parts you choose.
From the main menu choose Computers / PCs and then choose Build Your Own System.