Why no i7 920 Overclocking Advice?


http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/overclock-phenom-pentium,2366.html <--Great article IMHO, but it's still missing compiled and definitive info on i7 OCing.

I know Tom's has had lots of info on overclocking i7, but it's distributed among multiple articles, and it's mainly presented as examples, not as broad tips and tricks i7 920 can follow.

Other websites have already put together their own i7 920 OC how-tos—usually they're available in one easily digestable package. Given Tom's in-depth experience with the platform, maybe it's time they do the same?


Mar 10, 2007
I thnik, it's not tom's job to do that, they are more in general information on different subject then on receipe for a specific subject. I think it's more on the community side to have , if they don't already have it, a sticky on tom's forum about how to OC a i7 920.



Apr 18, 2008
In Tom's defence....they specifically said the article did not focus on i7 because they were aimed at the budget sector, problem being that an i7 cannot be had for under $1000 without cutting serious corners, or re-using case, optical drives, HDDs, and PSU, or any combination in between.

IMO Tom's tends to focus more on the mid-ranged and budget hardware, compared to other sites that really only look at the top of the line performance wise. They tend to place higher scores for value rather than raw performance. I don't mind it sooo much, but it would be nice to see some reviews of higher end parts and more extreme stuff, but I guess everyone wants to dream :)

Got one of those for an Asus (Rampage II) Board ? :)