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Question will adding wifi pcie adapter will afeect my lanes usage ?

May 28, 2020
i am new here
i recently build a pc with :

motherboard : asus Prime x570-p (PCIE 4.0)
gpu : radeon asus rog rx 5500xt 8gb (PCIE 4.0)
cpu : ryzen 7 3700x
nvme m.2 XPG 1TB 2280

i am planing to buy wifi adapter with pcie : Asus PCE-AX58BT 802.11ac AX3000 Dual-Band PCI-e

my concerns is will my gpu x16 lanes pcie 4.0 will be affected if i put this wifi adapter to my pcie ?

because the cpu have 24 lanes
4 lanes reserved to the motherboard
16 lanes for gpu
m.2 4 lanes

i dont want my gpu performance to be affected
if this will affect my gpu performance i will purchase wifi usb adapter instead

can you advise please ?
May 28, 2020
GPU doesn't get affected.
All PCIE x1 and second x16 slot on your board are chipset connected. They do not impact cpu connected PCIE x16 graphics card slot.
lanes is the only thing i never understand it currectly.
can you explain in short how they works
what is cpu lanes how they been use
and what is motherboard lanes
and what should be take in mind before installing any pcie ?