WIN98se and Nforce4's?


May 16, 2005
trying to install Win 98se on a Maxtor 200gig HD running on a DFI Lanparty nforce4 ultra motherboard. being aware of the partition problem with fat32 and larger harddrive sizes i created a partition of 30gig and set it active and then formatted. the Win98se files copy fine, but upon reboot the system hangs on the "Preparing to Run Windows for the First Time" screen.

Any ideas? all hardware appears to be running fine. all new equipment that passes tests in BIOS.

Thank you for your time


I doubt there were drivers for the nforce4 board when 98 came out. It tries to find drivers and cant so it just sits.
Someone correct me if they have installed 98 on an nforce 4 board please.
I agree with Ned. If you don't want to go with XP, you should at least consider Windows 2000. Driver support for Win 98 is going to fall by the wayside soon enough.

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I smell an OP/SYS upgrade in the air, I reccommend WinXP Pro.

<A HREF="" target="_new">WinXP OEM Full Installation At This Website</A>

$134.00 plus free shipping, I've used this website many times, they're good people to deal with.

They also have the Home version for $87.00, but I'd go with the Pro.

This is just a suggestion so don't get pissed, but you're going to have one problem after another with Win98SE running on the hardware you have, why not just get rid of the problem altogether.

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You have to ask yourself why you upgraded the hardware and not the software.

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Jul 29, 2005
The NF4 does not support win98. I had the same problem with you and when I asked all I got was why don't you use xp.